November 21, 2010

With the WineSleuth In Burgenland

By Andrew Barrow In Videos, Vineyard Visits
Our trip via Munich to the Euro Wine Blogging Conference in Vienna wasn’t all about drinking and eating! Sleuthy and I indulged in some pretty serious investigative journalism I’ll have you know – in between all that wine imbibing and stuffing our faces with some pretty decent Austrian food – as the following two in-depth and ground-breaking videos demonstrate. (Ummm… when I say ground-breaking and in-depth…)

All you RSS subscribers have to click through to the site to view… With thanks to jim Budd for the (on-going) loan of his Canon Powershot A620 with which these were taken.
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  1. The Winesleuth December 6, 2010

    ok, next time, it´s YOUR turn to be in front of the camera!


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