March 21, 2006

A mention in Olive.

By Andrew Barrow In Articles

I am sure no one else has even noticed; certainly no one is going to be inclined to blog about it. So I will. Spittoon has received a mention in the latest issue of Olive magazine. This is a foodie magazine under the banner of the BBC and has a reasonable wine content. Print only…

Olive Magazine

“He boozes; he blogs. Wine writer Andrew Barrow┬┤s website,, is the current hot tip on the drink-related blog scene. Log on for straight-talking, informed wine recommendations and more”

  1. Pim March 22, 2006

    Congrats Andrew! Olive has become one of the magazines I buy every month. This particular edition hasn’t arrived yet at my local bookstore, but I will be sure to grab one when it does.

  2. Andrew March 23, 2006

    Thanks Pim, I should just say thanks to Clivia of for mentioning this to me.

  3. Pille March 25, 2006

    Hi Andrew – congrats! I indeed missed it, but as it was on the same page with cocktail shakers, I didn’t stop to read. Apologies:)

  4. Andrew March 25, 2006

    indeed – who wants to read about bloody cocktail shakers!

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