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Spittoon is to be the host for the August edition of the photo competition Does My Blog Look Good In This. To participate please email me your entries to arrive before the 24th August. The results will be posted here by the end of the month.

Please include the url of the post where the photo was originally posted and details of the camera equipment used and any tinkering with image software.

The Rules:
  • You may only submit one photo
  • The photo must be food/drink related
  • The photo must have been taken by you
  • The photo must have appeared on your blog in the month of July.
The judges have been drawn from the wine blogging sphere and are myself, Alder Yarrow of Vinography, Tim Elliot of WineCast, Lenn Thompson of Lenndevours and Cam Wheeler of Appellation Australia. Alder has a degree in photography so expect some critical judging! ;-)

And Tim has just informed me that he too has a degree - in Commercial photography! Exalted company indeed!


Here are the entries received so far. They have been resized to an equal width but to fully appreciate many you need to see them full size on their original website.

Tomatoes from Brandon Eats
1) From Brandon Eats
Tomatoes from Brandon Eats using a Sony DSC-P52 "I slightly lightened the photo overall and increased the saturation of the plate in the photo so that it would look like the color of the plate in real life (with Photoshop)."
Raspberries from Anne's Food
2) From Anne's Food.
Tea-Truffle filled Raspberries from Anne's Food. "It's taken with my trusty Olympus C8080WZ in daylight, no special tinkering in Photoshop for this one. Just turned out nicely on its own! (for a change...)"
Roasted Vegetable Platter from Small Farms
3) From Small Farms
Roasted vegetable Platter from Small Farms. "Roasted vegetables by Chef Michael Tusk of Quince restaurant, served at an Outstanding in the Field farm dinner at Marin Sun Farms in Point Reyes, California. Camera: Canon Powershot Pro1, no tinkering in Photoshop. There were optimum lighting conditions: heavy fog in the early evening."
Tuscan Chicken from Seriously Good
4) From Seriously Good
Tuscan Chicken from Seriouslygood. "I took the photo using a Canon S40 then used PaintShop Pro to lighten it."
Spaghetti alle Vongole in Bianco from Sweetnicks
5) From Sweetnicks
Spaghetti Vongole from Sweetnicks. "Canon Powershot A400, no further touch-ups done."
The Final Meltdown from Take Everything Once
6) From Taste Everything Once
The Final Meltdown, a McDonald's icecream from Taste Evrything Once. "Nikon Coolpix 4200...straight from the camera to Hello to Blogger"
Flower Pot Smoked Chicken from Never Trust A Skinny Chef
7) From Never Trust A Skinny Chef
Flower Pot Smoked Chicken from Never Trust A Skinny Chef. "I use a Canon G6 and Adobe Photoshop 6 to crop, touch up levels and contrast."
Cardamom Chai Cupcake from Gluten Free Girl
8) From Gluten Free Girl
Cardamom Chai Cup Cake from Gluten Free Girl. "I didn't do anything to the photo. I never do. I don't know how. I just took it with my Nikon Coolipix 4100."
Trio of traditional chocolate profiteroles
9) From Grab Your Fork
Trio of Chocolate Profiteroles from Grab Your Fork.. "Taken at a Bastille dinner at the Paris International Cooking School in Sydney(no, I didn't make it!). Camera: Sony DSC-P10. Minor brightening adjustment using Photoshop (fluorescent lights in restaurants are never nice to photos). The standard of photos is increasing phenomenally! I'm a little nervous about these judges though! =) "
Ice Cream Trio: Black Sesame
10) From The Food Palate
Ice Cream Trio: Black Sesame from The Food Palate.. "No tinkering with this image, it was taken at my dining table in natural light one Saturday morninng. I think the colours work well, and the image is now a favourite because of its accidental nature. Oh, and the flavours of black sesame and vanilla buttermilk were great! The camera I use is a simple machine called; Olympus C-310 Zoom."
Kuih Koci
11) From Babe In The City KL
Kuih Koci from Babe In The City KL.. "The photo is taken with a Sony Cybershot F505. Only resized it."
Barbecued Rock Lobster Tails
12) From Hecticium
Barbecued Rock Lobster Tails from Hecticium. "I took the photo on my new Canon Power Shot A400. No tinkering in photoshop :) "
Rotis at Shabree
13) From The Cooks Cottage
Rotis at Shabree from The Cooks Cottage. No further details supplied.
Turning Wild Boar
14) From I Heart Bacon
Turning Wild Boar from I Heart Bacon. "Here is my rather unusual entry... I roasted a whole wild boar for my birthday. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC50."
Dish at Tetsuya's
15) From Winos and Foodies
Dish at Tetsuya's from Winos and Foodies. "Taken with a Pentax Optus S4."
A Healthy Dinner
16) From Funky Cookies
A healthy lunch from Funky Cookies. "A celery salad but I particularly like the red tomatoes!"
Ping Tung Long Aubergine
17) From Jam Faced
Ping Tung Long Aubergine from Jam Faced. "It was taken with a Nikon D70 and the brightness and contrast messed about with in PhotoShop."
In Time For Tea...
18) From Becks and Posh
In Time For Tea... from Becks and Posh Nosh. "Camera: Canon 20D (with no post treatment or colour correction)."
Pasta with sun gold toms and pork chop
19) From Cookin' in the 'Cuse
Pasta with sun gold toms and pork chop from Cookin' in the 'Cuse. "It was taken with an Olympus C-4000. No touch ups or alterations were made to the photo."
Yogurt Chiffon Pie
20) From Lo Spazio di Staximo
Yogurt Chiffon Pie Lo Spazio di Staximo. "Photo details: A photo of an "experimental-cake" taken in indoor light, no touch-ups done. My Camera: Canon PowerShot S70."
Birthday Tart
21) From Culinary Fool
Birthday Tart from Culinary Fool. "Photo was taken with a Sony DSC-P200 (Cybershot 7.2) @ 3 MP. No flash. I used MS Digital Image Pro 10 to crop, size and correct the lighting."
Celeriac Remoulade
22) From Stephen Cooks
Celeriac Remoulade from Stephen Cooks. "This photo was taken with a Nikon D-100 with a 24-85mm zoom set at 85mm. Exposure was 180 @ f/5.0 with ISO at 800. Minor color correction was performed with Photoshop 7."
Parfait of White Chocolate and Honey Mousse
23) From A Perfect Pear
Parfait of White Chocolate and Honey Mousse from A Perfect Pear. "the photo of Parfait of White Chocolate and Honey Mousse was taken with an Olympus C3040 and only cropped in HP Image Zone Plus."
Organic Blood Orange Jelly
24) From Esurientes
Organic Blood Orange Jelly from Esurientes. "The picture was taken with a Canon S45 Powershot, using the macro setting without the flash. The flames of the open fire gives a golden light to the image, and I have to admit I didn't retouch or alter anything in the photo! I had really low expectations for the shot and was pleasantly surprised it turned out so well."
Chicken Satay
25) From Cook and Eat
Chicken Satay from Cook and Eat. "taken with the Panasonic Lumix FZ1, only tinkering is the resizing of pics."
In season - Strawberries....just
26) From Roast Chicken Reasoning
Strawberries... just from Roast Chicken Reasoning. "My camera is an Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom and there was no fiddling about with the picture, just a lovely day. As always, good light makes a shot."
Happy Saturday
27) From I'm Mad and I eat
Happy Saturday from I'm Mad and I Eat. "First picture I ever took with my brand-new Nikon D70; 60mm micro lens. I don't think I did any twinking with my iPhoto cheapo editing software; maybe a little crop. Pure summer."
Desperate Brownies
28) From The Occasional Epicure
Desperate Brownies from The Occasional Epicure. "I snapped it in my kitchen with a Sony DSC-P100 and didn't do any tinkering!"
Chlodnik - Cold Polish Beetroot Soup
29) From A Cat In The Kitchen
Chlodnik - Cold Polish Beetroot Soup from A Cat In The Kitchen. "taken with an Olympus Camedia C-3020."
Entremets Chaud-Froid
30) From Chez Requia
Entremets Chaud-Froid from Chez Requia. "I took it with a Canon Powershot A95 camera."
31) From Tian & Mark
Durian from Tian & Mark. "Nikon Coolpix 4300 .. no editing at all .. thanks for hosting, regards, tian & mark"
Spiced Up Ginger Cookies
32) From Baking Sheet
Spiced UP Ginger Cookies from Baking Sheet. "I used a Casio EX-Z750, with no editing added to the photo. Judging from the entries that are up already, competition is going to be stiff!"
Fried Twists
33) From The Skinny Epicurean
Fried Twists from The Skinny Epicurean. "digital camera casio exilim series z40 Nothing changed about the picture; as it is :) "
Blueberry Scones
34) From Knitting Notes
Blueberry Scones from Knitting Notes. "This is a picture of a Blueberry Scone that I made using the recipe from Tigers & Strawberries. The picture was taken with my Olympus c-5050 with only slight levels tweaking in Photoshop Elements."
35) From The Baker Who Cooks
Crostini from Lex Culinaria. "I used a Canon IXUS 500. Didn't tweak the photo at all."
36) From Lex Culinaria
Meringue from The Baker Who Cooks. "I used a sony cybershot dsc-s90. No software.."
Eggs on Toast, Swedish Style
37) From Cooksister
Eggs on Toast Swedish Style from Cook Sister!. "I use a Canon Powershot A80. I lightened the photo slightly, cropped it and increased the saturation slightly to compensate for the overcast day and resultant blue-ish light."
Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes
38) From 52 Cupcakes
Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes from 52 Cupcakes. "I took this photo with my Fuji FinePix S5100 digital camera. The cupcakes were on top of my stove, which has a hood with two lights, hence the light source in the background. I cropped the photo using Fireworks."
Baked Apple with Dried Fruits and Nuts
39) From Piggy's Cooking Journal
Baked Apple with Dried Fruits and Nuts from Piggy's Cooking Journal. "The picture was taken with Canon Powershot Pro 1, with natural sunlight coming in through the balcony. No further touch-up was done to the picture."
Sambal Prawns
40) From EatStuff
Sambal Prawns from Sambal Prawns. "I used a Fuji Finepix s602z and the photo was edited in Photoshop, I might have fiddled with the brightness and contrast."
41) From NYC Nosh
Sommartidar from NYC Nosh. "It was taken with a Canon PowerShot A70 and the levels were adjusted in Photoshop. But that's pretty much it. We just barely squeaked in with the July restriction, as we began our weblog in mid-July."
Satsuma imo
42) From Claire Japon
Satsuma imo from Claire Japon. "taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5200."
43) From The Delicious Life
Baklava from The Delicious Life. No further details supplied.
Blueberry Smoothie
44) From Pumpkin Pie Bungalow
Blueberry Smoothie from Pumpkin Pie Bungalow. No further details supplied.
Matcha Pancakes
45) From Probono Baker
Matcha Pancakes from Probono Baker. "This was taken with a Fuji Finepix A330 and I adjusted the lighting a touch using Picasa."
Elderflower Cordial
46) From The Passionate Cook
Elderflower Cordial from The Passionate Cook. "my picture was taken with a Canon EOS 20D, no tinkering necessary, other than cropping it in photoshop."
Chocolate Cake
47) From The Kitchen Mage
Chocolate Cake from The Kitchen Mage. "Nikon D70, no tinkering because it was my birthday and the cake was waiting... :-) "
Onion Pie (Lkpaj)
48) From Agliolio
Onion Pie (Lkpaj) from The Agliolio. "It's an onion pie and I use a HP Photosmart M307. I haven't done anything to it."
Vegetable Tempura
49) From Kitcehn Crazy Daffy
Vegetable Tempura from Kitchen Crazy Daffy. "It's a plate of vegetable tempura that I ate when I was at some japanese conveyor belt restaurant. It was taken with a Panasonic Lumix and roughly edited using primitive ol' Picasa 2! =) "
50) From 18th Century Cuisine
Clafouti from 18th Century Cuisine. No further details supplied.
Prosciutto e Melone
51) From Travelers Lunch Box
Prosciutto e Melone from Travelers Lunch Box. "For this strangely alien-looking shot, I used a Nikon D70 with 50mm 1.8 lens, and did minor contrast and color corrections in Photoshop CS."
Chilled Carrot Soup with Honey
52) From Kitchen Parade
Chilled Carrot Soup with Honey from Kitchen Parade. "My site's more about the food (where I CAN compete!) than the photography (where I can't!). But this is a favorite - who can go wrong with orange? I'm new to digital but have bought two cameras in four months (actually two in TWO months when the first was ... unremarkable). This was taken with a "baby" Nikon, the 5mp Coolpix. I do own PhotoShop but it's still in the box in the credenza ..."
Petites Brioches a Tete with Prosciutto & Gruyere
53) From Kuidaore
Petites Brioches a Tete with Prosciutto & Gruyere from Kuidaore. No details supplied.
Summer Stone Fruits
54) From San Francisco Gourmet
Summer Stone Fruits from San Francisco Gourmet. "This photo was taken in my dining room using a Canon PowerShot A40, with no further touch-ups."
Poblano Chile
55) From Gastronomie-SF
Poblano Chile from Gastronomie=-SF. "The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 10D, with minor contrast and warmify adjustments made in photoshop."

Matcha-anko muffins, some with shiratama

56) From Jagaimo
Matcha-anko Muffins from Jagaimo "I used a Minolta S404 in macro mode, and some perhaps overly harsh halogen lighting plus available window light. No post-processing used other than an ImageMagick resize. The muffins are made with stone milled Japanese green tea called matcha, sweetened red bean paste, and some homemade shiratama."

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Wow! Such beautiful entries already. This edition of DMBLGIT is charging out the gate!

Sorry, that should have said a Sony *Cybershot* DSC-P10.

Thanks for hosting! You're doing a fantastic job!

Thanks for updating! All the entries look great!

Looking fabulous. Would be great if we could be reminded of the categories for which the photographs will be judged.

Wow - photos are pretty cool. I have nothing up to the level from July :-( will have to wait for next month...

Ronald - thats rubbish! Both those pictures from the 24th are superb!

Wow! The photos are all so fabulous!

I like the concept of this competition? How can I participate for the next edition ?

To enter is simple - just send your picture and link to the page it appeared to the next host. I dont know who it is at the moment but many food websites will announce the details at the begining of next month.