December 2, 2006

Bad News For Threshers? Not In The Slightest!

By Andrew Barrow In Uncategorized
The newspapers, as is their wont, are putting the bad news spin on the Thresher promo… but really how bad is it for the company?
Perhaps the scale of the interest and rapid spread of the 40% off deal through the blogs – visitors to my post about the promo are massive – may have taken Threshers a little by surprise but the extra discount (on top of the buy 2 get 1 free deal that is perpetually running) is not that great a leap. Margins in the wine trade are notoriously tight but the prices at Threshers are high anyway (to pay for the buy 2 deal). I see it as a triumph not only have the company received headline press in the nationals, have been mentioned on BBC radio and TV – all for no expenditure – to actually get people through the door this early in the pre-Christmas spending spree is a major coup.
I bet their competition – Oddbins mainly – are more than a little annoyed, worried even; especially if the stories of empty shops are more widespread than just London.
The promo has 8 days remaining; more than enough time for this weekends purchases to have been drunk and return trips arranged.
  1. josie hallsworth December 3, 2006

    Thresher manager here again, please remember no further discounts with the 40% coupon, no buy 2 get one free, also found customers found it confusing with the offer on single bts of champagne, moet bt single bt price £24.99, when combined with 40% the price is £29.99 it still works out cheaper but had irate gent on phone this morning accusing me of putting the prices up to pay for the promotion, this is not the case, all prices were set at the start of phase 1 christmas promotion.

  2. Andrew December 3, 2006

    Thanks for the clarifications Josie. I am yet to print off and use my voucher; just hope my local has been restocked recently!


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