October 20, 2013

Barrel Cellar Senorio de Otazu

By In Photographs, Vineyard & Wine Travel
It is an impressive building, still being constructed as far as I could tell. And certainly set up to cater for tourists. There is a small museum in the long entrance hall, a changing collection of modern art (not really connected with wine or the winery but interesting if you are into that sort of thing) and through some oversized glass doors a platform to view the 1,500 barrel main store room. Yep, certainly impressive. But what a shame we were not shown the ‘rear’ of the building – a photo on the Otazu website shows the winery with an impressive pool with fountains. Although, if memory serves, it was raining when we arrived.

Incidentally all their vineyards are named after girls… as the little map on their website shows. I thought at first they were named after minor deities, but who has every heard of the goddess Rita?! [Update – I think they might have renamed everything as the map is now showing musicians, philosophers and writers].

At Señorío de Otazu, history is experienced, art endures, and nature is worshiped. And as a compendium of all of the above, we make cutting edge wines that reflect a faithful idea.

That same idea that has helped to preserve a very valuable architectural heritage, today enhanced by a modern winery of exquisite lines which has turned to culture in the form of a delicate collection of contemporary art with the need to share it; the same one that has returned to the land to freely express itself. A dream setting. A natural habitat for the emotions. An idea in our heart. History, art, nature, wine. Past, present and future without an established order.

Barrel Cellar Senorio de Otazu

Barrel Cellar Senorio de Otazu

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  1. Jeanne @ Cooksister October 21, 2013

    Clearly a fair amount of cash invested there… Great perspective!


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