September 9, 2012

Beer Barrels

By In Photographs
This photo is rather old, taken in fact, way back in 2006 not long after purchasing my faithful Canon 350D. At the time I had a hideous job as a night porter in a hotel. Not only did it require sleeping all day and staying awake all night, but the tedium of having nothing to do between the last guest retiring and the newspaper arriving in the morning, was a real killer. Even the photo oppotunities were limited. But here is one taken of a back alley, of beer barrels under a fire escape. The hotel had a small bar, hence the beer. It had been raining heavily I seem to recall.

Beer Barrels under the Fire Escape is the latest in the regular Sunday Wine Snapshots series highlighting photographs with a wine/drink related theme, whether bottles, glasses, vineyards or the back scenes of wineries.

Pub Beer Barrels in the Rain

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