April 5, 2015

Big Bottles: Wine Bottle Sizes

The different names, sizes and capacities of wine and champagne bottles

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Wine and Champagne Bottle Sizes

A guide to wine bottle sizes – What are the different names and sizes of wine and champagne bottles?

Capacity (litres) Bottle Equivalents Bordeaux Name Champagne Name
0.1875 Piccolo
0.25 quarter Chopine
0.375 half Demi-bottle
0.5 Jennie
0.62 Clavelin
.75 1 Bottle Bottle
0.757 Fifth
1.5 2 Magnum Magnum
2.25 3 Marie Jeanne
3 4 Double Magnum Jeroboam
4.5 6 Jeroboam Rehoboam
6 8 Imperial Methuselah
9 12 Salmanazar
12 16 Balthazar
15 20 Nebuchadnezzar
18 24 Melchior Melchior/Solomon
27 36 Primat
30 40 Melchizedek

Champagne Bottle Sizes – from a Piccalo to a Nebuchadnezzar

Champagne Bottle Sizes – from a Piccalo to a Nebuchadnezzar

And who are these extra large bottles named after? Well Jeroboam is the name of “a mighty man of valour who made Israel to sin” 1 Kings 11:28 14:16.

Rehoboam was the son of Solomon while Methuselah is a Pre-Noachian patriarch stated to have lived 969 years.

The reign of Nebuchadnezzar extended from B.C. 604 to 561. In 598BC he laid siege to Jerusalem and in 588 again captured the city, and carried Zedekiah, who had rebelled against him, captive to Babylon. The name Nebuchadnezzar, or more accurately Nebuchadrezzar is derived from the Jewish Scriptures.

But in the inscriptions it reads Nebo-kudurri-ussur, i.e., “may Nebo protect the crown”; a name analogous to that of his father Nebo(Nabu)-habal-ussur. (“Nebo protect the son”) and to that of Belshazzar, i.e., “Bel protect the prince.”

Melchizedek, Melkisetek, or Malki Tzedek, was a king and priest who blesses Abram in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis. He is introduced as the king of Salem, and priest of El Elyon.

Not just a wine bottle size guide but plenty of historical culture too! As for the others……..

Melchior, King of Light and Balthazar, King of Treasures are two of the Three Wise Men (the other being Gaspar, The White One). Finally, Salmanazar, was an Assyrian king.

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