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The only thing I really wanted after a full days tasting at the London International Wine Fair was some food; the invite to a Bisol and canapé tasting was ideal.
Taking the Italian version of tapas, cichetti, and matching a different dish with a Prosecco from the Bisol range was the aim of the tasting at the newly opened Wine Theatre in Southwark. Not only a stylish venue and, I should add, free food and drink but a chat with the owner/chef too (who use to be the personal chef of Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed. Well, it impressed me!). They source their ingredients from the local markets of Borough and Smithfield and offer punters a free selection of cichetti everyday between 5:30 and 8pm. Surprisingly they find some reticence with us Brits on the take-up of the food; many expecting a hefty bill at the end I guess.

In Madrid I adore the tapas dishes – free or paid for; it is the main reason I returned there a couple of weeks back (for the tapas and seeing my old mate Roberto too of course). But this is cichetti, the Italian version, with the bubbles supplied by Bisol.
First with the ‘basic’ Bisol Jaio Prosecco a superb calamari brushetta

Bisol Jaio Prosecco and calamari brushetta

The newly released Bisol Jeio Rosé came with farfalle pasta with a salmon and dill sauce. Lots of dill with the pasta very al dente. For me the dill was a little too over-powering but the rosé demonstrated its food-loving credentials perfectly.
Bisol Jeio Rosé  with farfalle pasta with a salmon and dill sauce

Charcuterie with a simply stunning, slightly sweet bread, studded with little bits of meat and cheese. This with the gorgeous Bisol Crede Prosecco.

Charcuterie with a slightly sweet bread, studded with little bits of meat and cheese with Bisol Crede Prosecco.

And finally a Chocolate Torte with a White Chocolate and Orange Sauce; served with the flagship, single vineyard, Bisol Cartizze Prosecco. The slight sweetness in the wine makes it terribly versatile; it was lovely with this orange and chocolate combination.

Chocolate Torte with a White Chocolate and Orange Sauce; served Bisol Cartizze Prosecco

Once again, sorry for the rather poor quality pictures; all the fault of the low light levels and a cameraman who had been sipping and spitting (a little) all day!


  1. Dylan says:

    Sometimes the simplest twist on an old idea can make it so refreshing. I never thought to do something along the lines of calamari in bruschetta. You may not have intended it, but sharing that picture opened my mind to a new possibility. Thanks, Andrew!

  2. Douglas says:

    I have a bottle of Bisol’s Cartizze in my fridge!

  3. Andrew says:

    So do I Douglas! Although not for long I reckon…

  4. That chocolate brownie and prosecco was the best pairing of the night. A great way to finish off the LIWF!

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