February 11, 2014

Black Country Metal Works Riot Wine Rack

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Disaster! I was waving the Dyson about like a mad thing possessed, hyped by a fab tune on Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 show, and noticed a rather unsightly dust web behind one of the wine racks. The top of the skirting board was next on the dust removing hit list. Said wine rack was slide out of the way… you can see what’s coming I am sure…

The rack was one of those old doweling peg type affairs, long due for replacement. As The rack slide across the wooden floor one of those little joining rods decided to make an escape bid. In typical movie slow-mo the peg pinged its way northwards, the bottle it was holding up, slipped gracefully down bottom first to engage a second bottle three holes below.

There must have been a flaw in the glass. It smashed on contact. The Omenaldi Hommage Irouleguy 2010 ejected itself right across the floor, up the skirting board and did a fine job of removing the dust web, if leaving a rather gungy mess in its wake. I can still smell the spicy, slightly beefy wine days later.

The wine rack was unceremoniously dumped.

Coincidentally the very next day a rather large box arrived from Black Country Metal Works who are based in Oswestry, Shropshire. Inside, yep you’ve guessed it, a rather stylish wine rack. No faffing about with glue and doweling rods, no siree-bob. This polished black sample is a one piece all metal affair.

riot wine rack

The Riot (£39.99) is surprisingly lightweight but solid and firm. And, unlike my other metal strutted rack, has smooth edges so wine labels wont be ripped o removing a bottle. I think it looks rather stylish, perhaps more so in the polished aluminium version.

Below a couple of camera-phone snaps of the Black Country Metal Works Riot Wine Rack. My only issue is that the ‘holes’ are not wide enough to take a bottle of champagne. As in the company supplied photo, champagne can sit on one of the struts… although perhaps not the way I have it displayed – on its side!

wine rack polaroids

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