May 24, 2015

Bottle Line Up At Alpha Estate Greece

who says wineries are not photographic?

By In Photographs, Visiting Northern Greece
Not sure why I like this photograph so much; perhaps its the bands of colour from the hall lights and the way a large arc seems to point to the largest bottle in the line-up. This was taken in one of the huge halls in the wine making area of Alpha Estate in Greece. I have no idea why they had all these bottles lined up. In the room to the right there is a phenomenally expensive machine that gives minutely accurate readings from the grapes – things like chemical components, acidity levels, sugar content and so on. We were given a little demonstration but not being one with any sort of scientific bent, to coin a word, it all rather went over my head. They are immensely proud of the machines capabilities. I’m sure someone mentioned it was the only machine of its type in Greece, I didn’t take a photograph of it, it was just a dull metal box.

Sunday Wine Shot: Bottle Line Up At Alpha Estate Greece

Bottle Line Up Alpha Estate Greece

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