January 10, 2016

Bulldog Gin and Tonic

sometimes only a G&T will suffice

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Some days only a decent, and large, gin and tonic will do. Today is such a day. Bulldog Gin I think as I’m in the mood for its fuller, ultra-smooth, sweeter style and an off-the-wall tonic for a change. There are, after all, plenty of tonics out there besides good old Fever Tree. I’ve gone the full 50ml on the gin, plenty of ice in the Spanish style glass and glug the 1724 Tonic in with abandon. Some days I spice things up with a drop or two of Peychaud’s Aromatic Bitters but today I sip on an un-corrupted G&T. A slice of lime is, however, mandatory.

A drink to sit back and watch weekend telly with or, in my case, listen to Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul Show. Then, and only then, is the life balance restored and things settle into their proper perspective. More restorative activity as I take a few photos first; afterall I need something for this weeks Sunday Wine Shot even if it isn’t a wine…

Photo Bulldog Gin and Tonic

Bulldog Gin and Tonic

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