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caldas white port cocktail

The instructions were specific - one third port, two thirds tonic or soda (I went the tonic route), served with plenty of ice and topped with any fresh fruit to hand.

As a change to the Pimms or the Gin and Tonic bring on the White Port!

Refreshing indeed; especially on a sultry English summers evening. One glass is not enough.

White port, in this instance less white more caramel in colour, is a favourite tipple in Portugal. Recommended as an aperitif cocktail, with creamy cheese and is apparently "fantastic with creamy, fruity or nutty desserts". I haven't actually got further than the cocktail and the way they are slipping down it is unlikely much will remain to experiment with a full, unsullied glass of Caldas and anything dessert like.

Dessert  Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Alves de Sousa Caldas White Port, NV, Portugal.

Stockist: Top Selection (020 7499 4440) Price: £14.99 [More: Adegga / Snooth]
Alcohol 19%
Scribblings Rating - 90/100 [3.75 out of 5]

Sadly that is about all I can tell you about Caldas White Port. The company website is totally rubbish, revealing nothing - no details what-so-ever (no grape varieties, no specific vineyards, no mood-inducing photos of the family sipping white port while overlooking the Douro as the sun casts its golden hued evening rays over the vines...). Lovely flash-based intro however...

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That's unfortunate about their website. It's proof of the difficulties Catavino mentions regarding winery acceptance of technology/social media in Spain and Portugal. What's the point of the website if it's not communicating effectively?

Sounds in California I didn't even realize that white port was made any more! Thanks for the update!

well maybe the company itself just doesn't want to undergo the risk of revealing the ingredients to public so...haha

Andrew - I said I would, and now I am a Spitoon subscriber. It was amazing meeting you, I believe the turning point came when we were both lost (at least we thought we were) in a foreign country, and that was the moment I knew that this camraderie was born...

... yes the champagne is still affecting me ( I am just fresh from St Pancras!).

Again, it was great to meet you, and I am certain we will bump into each other in the very near future (perhaps bring Douglas along as well).

I enjoyed a glass (okay two) with a a wonderful cream pie tonight. I have had this port open for a while and in the refrigerator. It has maintained quite a bit of it's flavor. Thank goodness, since I plan to try it as a "spritzer" as you described, in place of Pimms, which I love with a cucumber wedge. I am thinking it might be nice with a slice of melon? Thanks for a new idea!

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