February 25, 2018

Calvet 1818

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Calvet, one of Bordeaux’s oldest negociant houses, was sold to Grand Chais de France, owners of the JP Chenet brand back in 2007. The history of Calvet stretches way back however. This year, 2018 is in fact the 200th anniversary of Calvet.

In celebration they are releasing a couple of new wines – for the restaurant world. The 1818 range is the top tier of the range with the Heritage just a step below. I tasted a proto-type of both during a visit late last year; and rather good they are too.
The concept is to make the companies Bordeaux offering more accessible and easier for wine drinkers to understand. Bordeaux is lacking a touch in recognisable ‘names’, when compared say to Australia or Chile. The adoption of some stylish and ‘contemporary’ packaging should go some way to attracting more recognition.

The Cuvee 1818 and the Heritage range (which also offers wines from a variety of French wine regions) are soon to be available.

Calvet 1818

Calvet 1818

Video: Calvet

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