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Wine Tasting Note: Camden Park Shiraz-Petit Verdot, 2004, South Eastern Australia.
Threshers £6.99.
Gadzooks this is a big boy. And I am not just talking about the heavy weight bottle with its oversized punt! The label is resplendent with a well endowed bull on the front. While the back, with typical Australian irrelevance has the bull laid out as one of those ‘this is where this cut of meat comes from’ diagrams. Great Structure and backbone from the back. Full bodied and earthy from the belly. Intense driving flavour from the horns and speaks volumes from the arse. And it is all of those things.

Big, mouth-filling, packed full of blackberries laced with a blackcurrant sharpness. It’s a style of wine that new world wine lovers will devour but perhaps lacking a little subtly. To be honest I found it a little hard to consume but if you like the style add a couple more points to the rating. Needs substantially flavoured food if you are going to serve at dinner. Alcohol 14%.
Scribblings Rating – 86/100


  1. Jeanne says:

    Ooh, aah, yes, I am one of those people who likes this style of wine!! Plus the fact that I think Petit Verdot is best thing ever on its own (or as the dominant note in a blend). Nederburg did a single-cultivar bottling (the first in SA) as part of their auction range, released in about 2002 and it was the best thing I’ve ever drunk. There’s a bottle maturing nicely at home in SA as we speak…!

  2. Phil Blake says:

    Couldn’t agree more with main review. If you want a wine to serve with a good substantial steak or roasted game this might be the bulls’. However, I wouldn’t go near it if delicate nuances of flavour are what you are after because it will destroy them. This really is an outback farmers wine.
    Currently available as 3 for 2 at Threshers which works out at less than £5.00 a bottle which is superb value if you like big up-front wines.

  3. Mandy Balcombe says:

    I love Camden Park and have to say I find this type of wine wonderful, its full of guts!! It washes down beautifully with a barbeque and I am talking any meat not just steak. I was recommended this wine by two people (who again are lovers) and have to say its one of the best recommendations I have had. Wine is personal taste and this sets my taste buds alight!!!!

  4. I have to say Camden Park has to be the best wine to come out of australia for a while. I agree that no one person will have the same opinion of a bottle of wine… a good thing i feel as it only suggests that snobbery would get in the way of true taste and enjoyment of a wine. The Shiraz Petit Verdot, for £6.99 is an absolute must buy. I work in a threshers and have never had a disappointed customer with this recommendation. I feel it has character, strong but a wine for all occasions. From my experience i have encountered lesser wines of a greater value. I truly believed that Australian wines were quite bland and boring until we received a delivery of Camden Park.
    A truly exceptional wine for the money and one that i hope more people will recommend and a wine that reinvents the bland history of Aussie Wine!

  5. Julie Essex says:

    Oh yes…..Camden Park is yummy!! I love Australian Shiraz but this is the best ever in it’s price range. Sorry Hardys, your crown has been taken in the cheap and cheerful stake!! Long live the Bull!!


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