May 22, 2016

Campo Viejo White Rioja

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I’m sure its still true, the wine brand Campo Viejo was the best selling brand in the UK last year. The standard red Rioja you can find pretty much in every supermarket across the UK. Now the company has launched a white version – Campo Viejo White Rioja.

Heralding from a region usually known for its red wines, this innovative new arrival sporting the iconic Campo Viejo yellow label began its journey back in the 1980s. Chief Winemaker Elena Adell, one of the first to discover and work with the Tempranillo Blanco grape, saw great potential in its bright, citrus characteristics and high acidity levels.

Fast-forward twenty years or so to 2013 and Campo Viejo’s ground-breaking on-site nano-winery allowed the winemaking team to focus on making the grape into the wine, arriving exclusively in the UK today – a light, crisp wine with a fruity finish. This deliciously fresh and fruity wine is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed get-together with friends and is the ideal partner for a wide range of chicken, fish or salad dishes.

Campo Viejo White Rioja is a blend of Viura (85%) and Tempranillo Bianco (14%). It is fresh, light and citrusy. Available to buy now from the likes of including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Ocado alongside the rest of the range, with an RRP of £9.35.

Now White Tempranillo is a new one on me, although Thirst For Wine wrote about it back in 2011, so I might just have forgotten about it. Apparently it comes from a single Tempranillo red grape vine that naturally mutated. It was discovered on a vine in a vineyard in Murillo de Rio Leza in 1988 by the owner, Jesús Galilea Esteban. DNA analysis proved that this really was Tempranillo, but that a natural ‘albinism’ had affected the genes relating to the skin colour that resulted in a yellow/green skin pigmentation instead of the usual blue/purple. This wine is the first large-scale release of this grape variety.

Campo Viejo White Rioja

Campo Viejo White Rioja

Campo Viejo White Rioja

Campo Viejo Tempranillo has become the best-selling wine in UK grocery following a surge in sales in the last year. Value sales grew by +51.9% in the year to 28th March 20151, as continued investment behind the brand and a growing community of Rioja wine lovers combined to put Campo Viejo Tempranillo front of mind for grocery shoppers. It is the latest accolade to add to a growing list of milestones for the Campo Viejo range, including its status as the best known2 and most recommended3 Spanish wine brand in the UK.

Campo Viejo is a flagship Rioja winery and the no.1 Rioja wine brand in the world*. Ever since two local winemakers – Beristain and Ortigüela – created the first vintage in 1959, Campo Viejo has represented the expressiveness, colour and vibrancy of Rioja. Campo Viejo’s winemakers work hard to ensure that Campo Viejo wines are the very best expressions of contemporary Rioja, conveying the vibrancy of the region in a way that is in keeping with the expressive, fruit-driven style which today’s wine drinkers are actively seeking.

A multi-award winning and sustainable winery, Campo Viejo has a love and respect for the land and its winemaking heritage. Committed to environmentally-friendly winemaking practices, Campo Viejo was the first Spanish winery and one of the first wineries in the world to be certified Carbon Neutral.

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  1. DC May 22, 2016

    Confused; you say of the white Tempranillo that this is the “first large-scale release of this grape variety”, yet it’s 85% Viura?

    • wine scribbler May 22, 2016

      yeh, you’re right… what is needed is a 100% White Tempranillo…

  2. Torie May 24, 2016

    This sounds so amazing. I am always looking for new wines to try. Any suggestions on dishes for this to go with?

    • wine scribbler May 27, 2016

      I would keep things simple and go for light seafood and fish type dishes.


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