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Wine Blogging Wednesday 13 – With Chocolate.

Wine Blogging Wednesday 13 – With Chocolate.

Chocolate and Zucchini is hosting this months WBW; the theme being wine with chocolate. Clotilde kindly supplied a recipe for making the cake. I duly followedRead More

Kacamak – Montenegrin Fatty Porridge.

Kacamak – Montenegrin Fatty Porridge.

During my trawl through the internet for all things Montenegrin, in support for the Mountain Valley wines post, I stumbled upon a selection of Montenegrin recipesRead More

Andrew Barrow
22 Aug

Wine Bottle Punt – Why?

Anyone know why wine bottles have the punt in the bottom?

Andrew Barrow
16 Aug
The VERY last bottle of Nun’s Island Whisky yours for £100,000!

The VERY last bottle of Nun’s Island Whisky yours for £100,000!

A bottle of malt whiskey from the Nuns’ Island Distillery which closed in 1913 has turned up in a wine and whiskey specialist shop in EnglandRead More

Andrew Barrow
12 Aug

Wasting an hour – a world blog tour.

I have an hour or so to spare. How many blogs can I surf through just using the links in each ones side bar ? howRead More

Andrew Barrow
16 Jul


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