April 19, 2015

Cava Vines in Afternoon Sunlight

By In Photographs, Visiting Cava Country
I have no idea how or when it happened; but it appears a whole years worth of photos have vanished from my computer. I’ve been struck by the worst affliction in this digital age, loss of data. Despite backups and an external drive dedicated to preserving everything 2013 has simply vanished. Puzzling. All that remains are the scant memories preserved online here in Spittoon, on my 500px account and on my photo site. The originals are gone however so plans for a large print of Durdle Door and entering some seascapes in an online competition have been squashed.

But while during the increasingly frustrating search I did stumble upon a whole folder of photos from the 2014 trip to Cava Country that had yet to be processed. Why these photos and the stories behind them have never reached fruition is as baffling as the lost years worth of photos. Here is one such image, taken on the first day of the Cava Tour and the first visit – a vineyard panorama. These vines, a red variety if memory serves, form part of the holdings of Vinícola de Nulles (who label their wines under the Adernats name). Bathed in late afternoon sunlight these vines sit right behind the magnificent winery, one of the famed ‘Wine Cathedrals’ of the region.

Photo Panorama – Cava Vines in Afternoon Sunlight

Vinícola de Nulles vineyard

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