November 9, 2014

Chablis Wineries: J Moreau Winery Bay Doors

By In Photographs, Visiting Chablis
Not all wineries are housed in grand chateaux, nor in quaint country houses or ultra modern architect designed complexes. Some are housed in little more than industrial units so bland and dull you half expect a Tops Tiles or a mega-sized PC World to be looming next door. On the outskirts of Chablis stands a row of such units. In one lies the facilities of J Moreau & Fils. It is a large unit – you can visit for a tasting if you pre-arrange – overly large it would seem for the 4 or so staff that work there. Following a restructure the spirits making part of the company was disbanded leaving quite a few empty offices.

No disrespect to J Moreau and the fine staff but it is an industrial unit, pure and simple. It does house a lovely tasting room admittedly, and we sampled some nice wines there, but the rest… well, it isn’t worth a tour put it that way. No mould encrusted cellars, no great architectural splendour nor museum, café or restaurant. But it does have some rather splendid cargo bay doors; the subject for this weeks Wine Shot.

Chablis Wineries: J Moreau Winery Bay Doors

J Moreau Cargo Bay Doors

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