August 13, 2017

Champagne for Corpus Christi 500th Anniversary

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Was rather excited last week to be granted unparralled access to two Oxford College wine cellars. The visit was for photographic reasons rather than tasting; all part of a project I’m undertaking as part of my Falmouth Uni course. In a corner of Corpus Christi College I discovered this little gem – a bottling of Pierre Vaudon 2007 Champagne.

As the College SRC Butler, Krzysztof Lewandowski, explained an extensive tasting of potential bottles led to the Pierre Vaudon being selected in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the college being founded. “It was by far the best” said Krzysztof “and they were very enthusiastic to provide a special rear label too”. The college has a stack of 600 bottles in a quiet corner for various celebratory events to run later in the year.

“In celebration of the College’s 500 years and the realisation of the ambitions of the founder Richard Fox”

Champagne for Corpus Christi 500th Anniversary

Champagne for Corpus Christi 500th Anniversary - Pierre Vaudon 2007 Champagne

In Corpus Christi Wine Cellar – Pierre Vaudon 2007 Champagne

Champagne for Corpus Christi 500th Anniversary - Pierre Vaudon 2007 Champagne, Rear Label

Pierre Vaudon 2007 Champagne – Corpus Christi speacial rear label

Corpus Christi College was founded in 1517 by Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester and a diplomatic and political adviser to King Henry VII. The main quad, tower, dining hall, library and chapel were completed under Fox, and a second quad was added in the 18th century. Bishop Fox passed his new College of Corpus Christi into the hands of its first President, John Claymond and the Fellows on 5 March 1517. Five hundred years on, the College remains a place where humane scholarship can be advanced and where young people can develop their minds in readiness to make a real contribution to the wider world.” Corpus Christi

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