August 29, 2010

Chapters All Day Dining

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Man-about-town doing his stuff, with camera, in Chapters All Day Dining Blackheath

I’ll put it down to old age. Not the old age where you forget where you live. Nor the old age where you forget you brought a multi-pack of toilet roll and head off to Asda to buy more. Nor the old age where you realise you don’t actually shop in Asda. Or have an Asda anywhere near where you live. No, it is more the old age where you forget the little things. Like peoples names or like the review of a restaurant you intended to write up months ago, or where that bottle of wine came from that you would review if only you could recollect the specifics.

With the looming second edition of Andrew’s Really Secret Event and me planning the details (you know, ordering bags of Twiglets, bottle openers, baby wipes) I fondly recalled the first tasting, in the Naval Club in London, and how after I was unexpectedly pulled into a taxi and whisked away to South London somewhere (Blackheath as it transpired) for a meal. I felt rather bad about abandoning those still standing after the tasting mid-street, but off I was dragged to, as it transpired, to a lovely little eatery trading under the name of Chapters. You may of heard of it. It’s been positively reviewed and sampled by the food blogging community quite substantially. Interesting then to try first hand.

Thank goodness for the photographic evidence for I wouldn’t have a clue what I ate.

Not that the evening wasn’t memorable – the company was grand (man-about town Douglas Blyde – pictured – and Mnr. Fish, Patrick Carpenter), the pre-lunch cocktail did its stuff, the atmosphere was cool and the privileged tour of the kitchen and its famed Josper grill was a nice topping – but you know, it’s that bad memory thang. In my defence it was back in May…
The starter was really interesting; Terrine of potted ham hock and black pudding, Piccalilli, grilled sour dough. The odd thing though was the honey on the bread. Not a great fan of honey at the best of times and I didn’t really enjoy its edition here. But the terrine, presented in an individual Mason Jar was divine. Substantial amounts of terrine but not enough bread.

chapters starter Terrine of potted ham hock and black pudding, Piccalilli, grilled sour dough

This poorly focused photo is of the mains. A juicy slice of beef given the once over in the Josper. Perfectly cooked – medium rare according to the adjacent knife – and stonking with a dribble or two of Bergerie de l’Hortus Rouge 2008, Pic Saint Loup, Languedoc, France (£28.00). Pic Saint Loup being a particular favourite of mine.
chapters main - medium rare fillet steak

There was a dessert too apparently but then that memory thing kicks in. if only I was a ‘proper’ journalist and took copious notes at the time. I’d only forget where I put the notebook though and head off to Asda to buy a new one.

Chapters All Day Dining
43-45 Montpelier Vale
Blackheath Village

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  1. Douglas September 1, 2010

    That looks like a double Barnsley chop to me…


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