July 1, 2014

Château Mauvesin Barton Bordeaux

By Andrew Barrow In Photographs, Vineyard Visits, Visiting Bordeaux
The intention was to save this photo and use it as either a stand-alone Sunday Wine Shot or as part of a gallery of photos taken at the estate for a full blog post. However, I liked the image so much I’ve ‘elevated’ it to a stand-alone post. This is a photo of Château Mauvesin Barton in Bordeaux. We were privileged to visit – the winery visitor centre isn’t yet finished – after a little tour and wine tasting I was basically given the run of the estate for an hour or so. You cant really make it out but those ripples in the large pond are some sort of beaver and her pup.

The photo is actually a six image panorama composite, then cropped to my new favourite 16:9 format. Photos were taken handheld (the tripod I had left in the mini-bus) and are all 10mm, f/13, 1/80sec at ISO 100 (for the photo-techie minded) I am sure there will be detractors – no lead in line, the subject centre stage rather than on a rule of thirds line, and so on – but I rather like it…

Photo: Château Mauvesin Barton Bordeaux


Château Mauvesin Barton, Bordeaux

The image is available to buy on 500px.

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