March 18, 2013

Coffee and Caffeine

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Puro Coffee, Cafetiere and Cake Apart from wine and the rehydrating need for water there is little else I drink. The occasional rum and coke perhaps, an odd cocktail if it’s offered and during the spring and summer nothing beats a G&T. Sugar laden fruit juices I stopped purchasing ages ago, fizzy soft drinks I find too sweet and always hanker for a glass of water after. And I don’t touch tea. Which leaves Coffee.

I restrict myself to 3 cups a day of coffee. So perhaps I should have opened with ‘apart from wine and coffee…’

And on writing this I wondered why I never hear of coffee centred blogs. It would seem the worlds of wine and food never cross those of the coffee-aficionados. A little search revealed a few American based coffee blogs and one that had huge potential turned out to have nothing to do with coffee despite it being in the blog name (quilting was the focus, go figure!). I did discover a few writing from a commercial perspective – owners of coffee shops and importers; interesting as these are they are not the independent reviewers I was looking for.

Potentially a new magazine might fill the gap. ‘Championing independent coffee in print and online’ is Caffeine Magazine.

“Caffeine is a new magazine for coffee lovers everywhere. We have watched as London has become the epicentre for a coffee revolution in the UK and we are here to help it continue to grow. We believe we can inform and entertain so that everyone can have a better experience from their daily “cup-a-joe”. Our focus is the independent coffee scene in London and its influence across the country, and we want to show there is an alternative to the global high-street coffee chains that currently dominate the global coffee scene. We believe it’s important to fight for good coffee and support the small retailers and roasters who are upholding a tradition, developing a craft and creating innovative techniques and tastes.”

As you delve into ‘coffee’ online you realise how much activity there actually is. Being ‘grounded’ in wine and food and photography spheres and look what I’m missing out on! I’ve ‘bean’ on a little mission and discovered Eightpointnine a ‘design your own coffee’ and have a freshly prepared batch sent to you and also Kopi who delivers ‘one of the world’s finest coffees’ to your door every month on a subscription basis.

What sparked this little exploration into coffee was the receipt of three packs of Puro coffee. Like many it’s a new name to me but apparently

“a large number of your coffee drinking readers might not have heard of us before but have probably enjoyed our coffee without realising it was us! Every National Trust site uses our coffee, as do all the Royal Parks in London (the Queen actually had to sign off our cup design to allow it in the parks), a number of café/restaurant chains, such as Le Pain Quotidien and Leon, garden centres such as Wyevales and golf clubs like Wentworth also serve our coffee.” PuroCoffee

Puro Fairtrade Coffee is produced by a Belgian company (est. 212 years ago) with the brand created in 2005. Something that might interest my orchid-growing father is that in 2007 while some of the Puro Fairtrade Coffee team were trekking through the Puro Ecuadorian Rainforest Reserve, they discovered a new species of orchid. One of these orchids was later named after the company.

Puro Noble – a shadegrown fairtrade coffee sourced from Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and the Congo Araica 80%, Robutsta 20%. “Rich and lively medium roast with hints of fruit and hazelnut”
Puro Organic – a shadegrown, Fairtrade, Organic coffee from Peru and Honduras 100% Arabica “combining soft notes of sweet chocolate with tangy citrus”
Puro Fuerte – a fairtrade and sadegrown from Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and the Congo 50% Arabica, 50% Robusta “fragrant dark roast, with a touch of spice and a full body” Perhaps my favourite of the three.

Puro Fairtrade Coffee from Puro Fairtrade Coffee on Vimeo.


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  1. CJ Bromfield December 27, 2015

    I wanted to let you know that PURO Coffee will be available for the first time in the US!

    Go to for the first authorized US Distributor.

    There’s a campaign on Indiegogo going on right now to give everyone in US 30% off all pre-orders + FREE SHIPPING + 20% off future orders. Act quick! Once the campaign is over, they will only distribute to Ohio!

    Click here for the link to Indiegogo:

    If they reach goal, you’ll get twice the fair trade coffee & tea! If you refer 5 people, you get it for FREE!

    Share the great news on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…!!
    twitter @getpropercoffee


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