May 4, 2014

Domaine Du Tariquet Rose

By In Photographs
It’s spring! The weather is warm, the sun is out (on a bank holiday weekend, who would have thought?), the shorts are on and I can smell the neighbours barbeque getting underway. With such delights the wine of choice is rosé – I’ve four to showcase over the next month in the Sunday Wine Shot spot. The first is Domaine du Tariquet Rosé de Pressée 2014.

The domaine has taken a bunch of different grapes – Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Tannat and made a wine using white wine methods, hence ‘de pressée’. As I am sadly lacking in any form of barbeque or even a garden to place one in I’m drinking this without food in front of the computer, although it is recommended to accompany “tapas, summer dishes, Italian, spicy or exotic food…”. I’m guessing here a Chinese-takeaway type affair…

Domaine Du Tariquet Rose Pressée 2014

Domaine Du Tariquet Rose

Domaine du Tariquet Rose De Pressee is available on for £41.94 for six bottles (watch that delivery charge though).

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