January 24, 2016

Domaine du Tremblay Quincy Vin Noble 2014

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Do a search for Quincy and the results, pages upon pages, all detail that gawd-awful detective series (NBC from 1976-1983) and Trip Advisor listings for some place in Massachusetts. What I was after though were details on the wine region!

There is more to Loire Sauvignon Blanc than simply Sancerre, as this bottle of Domaine du Tremblay Vin Noble 2014, finely demonstrates. Quincy is a tiny appellation, only 250 hectares or 618 acres in size and was apparently the second appellation created in France, after Chateauneuf-du-Pape. It is only white wines from Sauvingon Blanc. To find it on a map, head out into the hinterland to the south-east of Sancerre.

I’ve seen recommendations to drink Quincy with grilled leeks on toast, Spaghetti with anchovy carbonara, chilli and lime spiked macadamia nuts and Spring panzanella with asparagus. The Domaine du Thremblay website suggests pairing with “seafood and oysters which have the right salinity to fully reveal this Cuvée”. Personally I went for the old standby of goats cheese and some biscuits, although a more fancy Goats Cheese tart might be a better, more dinner-party, way to accompany.

Domaine du Tremblay Quincy Vin Noble 2014

Domaine du Tremblay Jean Tatin Quincy 2014

Domaine du Tremblay Jean Tatin Vin Noble Quincy 2014

The 2014 comprises grapes from 5 different vineyard plots with 75% from 20 years old vines and 25% from old vines between 40 an 60 years old. Its racy, vibrant and punchy – revel in that piercing aroma. Serve superbly chilled, ideally with condensation running off the bottle. From Lay & Wheeler for £11.46.

Vintage 2014 : a marvellous fall ! Winegrowers don’t always complain and can even be very happy! After a cool and humid summer during which we had to fight mildew, a incredible fall, sunny with cool nights, brought the grapes to an exceptional ripeness. Great wines are awaiting in our cellars. Domaine Tatin

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