May 25, 2009

Tasting Five English Wines with Cheese

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The local deli did me proud. Salvador’s of Wallingford sourced three stunningly delicious cheeses just for this English Wine Week bloggers meet-up. Each was perfectly ripe and at the perfect temperature; not cheap but near perfect.

Especially good – by itself and with the various wines – was the Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar. Next to it laid a perfect boxed slab of Cranborne Chase Alderwood (unpasteurised semi-soft rind cows milk cheese from Dorset) with the third being Simon Weaver’s Kirkham Farm Organic Cotswold Brie. Coupled with a handful of fresh tomatoes and a salad of local mixed leaves (from Down To Earth) all I forgot was to add a handful of basil I was growing on the window sill…

Tasting Five English Wines with Cheese – the Tweets for English Wine Week 2009

FoodStories: #aeww back at Andrews now, more English wines and cheeeeese! He also has fabulous windows.
Three of the wines were brought from Festival Wines of Chichester. The Brightwell Sparkling was brought from the vineyard after our tour and tasting while the Balfour Sparkling was a free sample.
Sedlescombe Vineyard, Sedlescombe, East Sussex a blend of Ortega, Faber, Bacchus, Huxelrebe and Siegerebe.
wine_scribbler: #aeww sedlescombe dry white organic and vegan not much on the nose but nice flavours chalky
wine_scribbler: #aeww sharp finish – not greatly liked – made from vegans
thewinesleuth: #aeww organic vegan english wine- um, not very interesting

English Cheese

Horsmonden Vineyard Dry White, Kent vinified at Limney Estate, Rotherfield, East Sussex 2006 A blend of Ortega, Faber, Bacchus, Huxelrebe and Siegerebe
thewinesleuth: #aeww horsmonden 07 very ripe passionfruit and bellpepper…mango!!
wine_scribbler: #aeww Horsmonden dry white 2007 complex ripe fruit nose old passion fruit elderflower similar on the palate plus a hint of smoke
thewinesleuth: #aeww smoked quava, dry, crisp citrus edge £8.69
markdredge: #aeww horsmonden dry white – wicked tropical nose, alphonso mango, over-ripe tangerine, passion fruit. Where’s the bread and cheese tho?!
thewinesleuth: #aeww everyone likes the horsmonden more then me…hmmm, let’s see how it goes w/chz

Horsmonden Vineyard Sparkling 2005, Limney Farm, Rotherfield, E. Sussex Pinot Noir and Auxerois blend (great value) at £15.69
wine_scribbler: #aeww horsmoden limney barrel fermented sparkler 2005 – cheesy nose but good palate – yeast bread starter cheese goes no coconut
thewinesleuth: #aeww limney estate brut- fab yeasty,toastynose,toasted coconuts but only me gets it
markdredge: Really lovely sparkling wine – limney estate from davenports. Coconut, yeast and bread, great nose, interesting. I kinda like wine… #aeww
wine_scribbler: #aeww brightwell fizz we brought at the vineyard – denise is taking AN AGE to open it
wine_scribbler: is someone gonna bloody pour me some of this wine #aeww
thewinesleuth: hey, it’s open now!!let’s drink it #aeww
wine_scribbler: #aeww got some

Brightwell Sparkling Chardonnay 2005. Oxfordshire Bottle fermented (champagne method) £17
wine_scribbler: #aeww mmm not too sure about the brightwell; prosecco bubbles, lighter colour, less complex nose and palate
thewinesleuth: #aeww brightwell is a simple sparkling, a quaffer
wine_scribbler: denise is hugging a wine #aeww
thewinesleuth: #aeww balfour,balfour,balfour!!!is that one up next???

Balfour Brut Rosé £34.99.
thewinesleuth: #aeww finally the balfour brut rose-beautiful onionskin colour,faint red fruits,i would never paint anything pale peach
eatlikeagirl: Balfour Rose Brut, peachy colour, not much on the nose, nice refined flavour, quite delicate, preferred it at previous tastings #aeww
thewinesleuth: well i still love this delicate rose from balfour brut #aeww

eatlikeagirl: oh my goodness, and now for an enormous selection of fabulous English cheeses, local salad and artisan breads. will the wines hold up? #aeww
FoodStories: #aeww English wines, cheeses, bread, salad. Yum!!!
thewinesleuth: silence has fallen on the room as we scarf down all these delish english cheese and sparklers #aeww
eatlikeagirl: Is Wallingford heaven? It might be. Gorgeous deli & gorgeous cheeses. Horsemonden wine fab with the Godminster cheddar #aeww

No doubting the quality of the cheeses the rosé sparkler was too delicate in flavour to be a successful match though. The dry whites were a better match even if the Sedlescombe blend was rather dull and unexciting in flavour its high acidity worked well with the food. The best match was the super Horsemonden Dry White – plenty of complex flavours and interest to carry the various cheeses subtleties. The Brightwell Sparkler held far more delicacy of flavour than the other sparklers and was over-whelmed by them and the cheeses; works wonderfully as an aperitif though.

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  1. heather May 25, 2009

    oh how delightful! i am more than envious of you adventure…

  2. TheWinesleuth May 29, 2009

    I love the twitter talk, we don’t sound smashed at all, do we? Thanks for being a great host! When’s the next one?!? 🙂

  3. David Nutt October 9, 2009

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