February 8, 2011

Every Wine Tells a Story by Tara Devon O’Leary

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every wine tells a story

A dip into the lives, the wine loves with an associated anecdote from a host of internet wine names. That I think just about sums up Every Wine Tells A Story, a copy of which the author, Tara Devon O’Leary, posted over to me last week. Subtitled “A collection of the most memorable bottles of 2010 as told by 29 international wine experts” it is less about the most expensive bottle opened, the most famous “bound to impress” show-off label and more, as Simon Woods in his section mentions, more “right-place-right-time” wine.

In addition to Simon, (with a €3 wine) you will discover old Sleuthy, (with a wine picked before her recent Bordeaux epiphany), alongside Phil Spillman, the winemaker at Deakin Estate in Australia, Tim Pearson, owner of the South African Seven Springs Vineyard (who has picked a glorious South African wine) and Richard Siddle, Editor of Harpers Wine and Spirit magazine. Twenty-nine individuals in total; certainly an eclectic and engaging group. Plus you will find me in there too; just to make up the numbers.

But there is more to Every Wine Tells A Story than simple words for Tara has created a Facebook page when you are encouraged to record your own ‘best wine of 2010’ story. You can also appear in the next edition by submitting your details!

Thanks for your interest in Every Wine Tells A Story: a Collection of the Most Memorable Bottles of 2010 to Warm the Wine Lover’s Soul, as told by 29 International Wine Experts.

I’d like to share with you my motivation for this book. To me, expanding one’s experience of wine by tasting, drinking and appreciating different bottles is the best, easiest and most fun way to learn about wine.

So I hope that the stories of the wines in these pages will inspire and encourage you to choose wines that you haven’t had before and are interesting, unusual, and even perhaps a bit risky!

The second reason is because I believe wine is an experience. Wine amplifies an evening with friends, accentuates a great meal and wine evokes emotion, exuberance and passion. These stories do the same – they tell a personal tale of a time when the wine in the glass made that day with those people in that place even more special.

So please join me and my 28 fellow wine experts and enthusiasts as we share with you our personal experiences of one wine from 2010 that captured our imagination!”
— Tara Devon O’Leary

You can purchase Every Wine Tells A Story for just £8.99.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

UPDATE: now available on Amazon.co.uk:
Every Wine Tells a Story a Collection of the Most Memorable Bottles of 2010 to Warm the Wine Lover’s Soul, as Told by 29 International Wine Experts

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  1. Tim Pearson February 13, 2011

    Thanks for publishing this article about Taras book. When she asked me to contribute to it I felt really ‘chuffed’ (this being the first time anyone has asked me to contribute to anything like this). Tara is one of the most likeable and passionate people in the wine industry and was the first ever person to write an article about us (Seven Springs Vineyard, http://7springs.co.za). Well done Andrew for posting this on your blog. A jolly good read (in the words of another well known, male, blonde, wine writer and tv personality).
    There is just one correction to the book that I would make!!!! On the cover it says ‘as told by 29 international wine experts’…..maybe 28 as I would class myself as ‘enthusiastic’ but by no means ‘expert’. #flattered
    Tim Pearson
    Seven Springs Vineyard
    Hermanus (Western Cape)
    and Stratford upon Avon (Warwickshire)


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