October 18, 2016

Exclusive Coffees From Difference Coffee

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I’m sure there is some corny joke to be extracted from the name – what a difference a day makes perhaps… but the brief chat I had with Amir Gehl over his Difference Coffee was at the very least most revelationary.

Now I loves me a coffee; I’ve rather settled on a Café Direct Fairtrade as the one that slips into the cafeteria of a morning. I never really contemplated though the advantages of using a Nespresso machine. More of a fad. A worktop hugging gadget perhaps. But as Amir explained, as a sipped a Kopi Luwak out of a little gold plated cup, those little capsules are the perfect way to retrain the freshness of those beans.

With Difference Coffee it is totally about quality.

“I said to myself how expensive can it be to take the best coffees on earth and put them into capsules? Why try and create cheap versions of Nespresso coffee capsules when you could create the finest capsule coffees ever?”

Exclusive Coffees From Difference Coffee

All photographs here from Difference Coffee.

Amir explained that just 1% of the worlds coffee is designated as ‘Speciality Coffee’ hand selected by the world’s top coffee graders. “And that’s what I wanted in my capsules”.

These experts – such as Jonny England, the youngest licensed grader and world renowned coffee judge – select the beans for his four strong range: Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Wild civet coffee, Kopi Luwak and Panama Geisha. True to their ‘speciality’ title Difference Coffee capsules come in fine, high quality, presentation boxes. Inside there is a note on the specifics coffees provenance.

These packs are, like the coffee inside, rather exclusive. With the finest coffee beans offered under strict allocation; as with these packs. “we prefer to build our client list slowly. Those who stumble upon us, via our Instagram feed or Facebook page, can email us. We receive daily requests from interested clients and we normally accept them as clients”

The restaurant trade is certainly interested. Harry’s Bar and Sumosan are just two of the high profile London establishments that stock either beans or capsules from Difference Coffee. “Be certain though that any good hotel and restaurant in London is offering these specific coffees is our client”

For the general consumer price for a pack of capsules varies depending on the price of the coffee beans. “Our Kona is priced at £25 per 10 capsules, the Jamaica Blue at £35 and our Luwak at £50.”

Full information concerning each particular bean is online at www.differencecoffee.com

Exclusive Coffees From Difference Coffee

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