November 17, 2015

Exotic Tipples

A taste of paradise direct to your door - Enjoy, Savour, Shake

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Launched in October 2015, Exotic Tipples, offers on a monthly basis a “unique selection of handpicked spirit and cocktail tipples“. There have been a host of similar wine subscription services launched recently but this is the first I’ve encountered that covers spirits.

Each month a different region or country are delivered, either on a regular subscription basis or as a one off. If you enjoy the products you can then go buy a full bottle. As someone who seems to be spending a bloody fortune on cocktail ingredients recently this is a dream. Prices start at £19.99 a month. There are three levels – premium, expert (designed for barmen and mixologists) and Grand Host (for a ‘friendly tipple tasting party’).

The box that landed on my door mat the other day looks at the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues. There are four ‘tipples’, sample bottles and a ‘Enrichment Experience’. THe experience is a Ginger Beer, Lime Juice and Angostura bitter blend intended to be mixed with the Green Island Spiced Rum.

Exotic Tipples Mauritius Box

Exotic Tipples Mauritius Box

“Just for you, we’ve managed to formulate that perfect mix in a single bottle exclusive to Exotic Tipple Premium and Grand Host Members – enjoy our unique cocktail matched perfectly for Green Island Spiced Rum”

The rum is gently spiced, soft, with a nice spirity bite on the end. The beer, lime and Angostura mix I thought lacked a little fizz, I added a bit of fizzy life with a splash of ginger beer. The description leaflet failed to specify the quantities in the cocktail. Seeing as there is (sadly) just 250ml of the Mauritian Mule mix and 50ml of the Green Island Spiced Rum I made two drinks with a 50-50 split. Seemed fair.

Exotic Tipples Rum and Ginger Cocktail

Exotic Tipples Rum and Ginger Cocktail

Alongside the Spiced Rum is an intriguing Lychee Wine. From the aroma it couldn’t be anything else! They suggest serving this as an aperitif or as a dessert wine, although I;m not convinced of the latter. Sweet spicy foods such as a Thai curry is a further suggestion and one I’m keen to try out.

Tipple 4 is Flamboyant, an oak-aged rum. “Savour this as you would a fine rum or whisky” they suggest, “Search for hidden secrets and delicate flavours”.

“Flamboyant is a blend of rum aged in Bourbon casks for up to seven years and named after the national flower of Mauritius which blossoms ready for the New Year, light the avenues with brilliant red colour”

Finally, Tipple 3, a Honey Rum Liqueur. If there was one full-sized bottle I would buy, this would be it (although I’d have to sneak in a bottle of that Spiced Rum too). It is fantastic. Not overly ‘honey’ in flavour (I’m not a huge fan of honey to be honest) but rich and smooth with a lingering flavour. It is just a shame they didn’t provide a suggestion for a cocktail or two with this. I’m off to investigate the options!

“A subscription-based service like no other, Exotic Tipples hand-picks rare and exotic drinks from around the globe for you to enjoy. Each month brings a new discovery, a new experience. How you enjoy it, is up to you”

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