July 3, 2017

Eight Great Discoveries from the Imbibe Show

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Eight Great Discoveries from the Imbibe Show – a few hours spent wandering the Imbibe show at Olympia; before the crowds got too much! I concentrated on gin but managed to find a super new range of tonics, a Punjabi Rum and got to try the Asterley Bros. Amaro and Vermouth at last too.

Eight Great Discoveries from the Imbibe Show

Pothecary Gin
Pothecary Gin – rather nice I thought, interesting that the botanicals are distilled individually and then blended together.

Herno Juniper Cask Strength Gin
One of a striking range from Herno a Swedish distiller. This is the first producer in the world to be mature a gin in juniper wood casks. A revelation when served with Merchant’s Heart Ginger Ale. They recommend their Old Tom Gin be served with Merchant’s Heart Hibiscus Tonic.

Five Rivers Rum
First time I’ve encountered Five Rivers Rum – the UK’s first white rum crafted using premium Punjabi sugarcane or ‘gur’. Made for a fine Daiquiri. They used a little micro-herb or something as a garnish. Not sure what it is exactly… they kept saying beetroot… micro beetroot sprouts? Could be.

Tinker Gin
Love the packaging for Tinkers Gin and the style was quite striking too. Styled as a ‘Spanish’ gin it downplays the juniper in favour of citrus notes.

Bitter Union Bitters
New to the market – just a few months apparently – three bitters from the lovely people at Bitter Union. Perfect for dropping into your G&T and other cocktails.

Three Rivers Manchester Gin
Three Rivers is the only, indeed the first, distillery in the heart of Manchester. Their suggested serve is with Double Dutch Indian Tonic water garnished with fresh cherries. If you cant get to visit the actual distillery grab a chance to experience a virtual tour via those fancy headsets. Much fun.

Asterley Bros Artemis British Vermouth

Asterley Bros Dispense Amaro
I’ve been part of the Asterley Bros. crowd testing of their products for some time. Fantastic to finally get to try two of the final products. If you desire a totally stunning and fully British spin on a Negroni mix equal quantities of their Amaro and Red Vermouth together with ice. Superb.

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  1. did you take Roger with you to the show? nice selection ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • wine_scribbler July 6, 2017

      Poor ol’ Roger stayed at home. I did miss him somewhat though…

  2. Douglas Blyde July 11, 2017

    I’m watching you.


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