October 29, 2013

Flaviar – A new way to discover premium spirits

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Did you know that due to the tropical climate common to Rum-producing areas, Rum matures at a much faster rate than is typical for Whisky or Cognac. An indication of this faster rate is the angels’ share, or amount of product lost to evaporation. While products aged in France or Scotland see about 2-4% loss each year, Rum producers may see as much as 10%. Just one of the fascinating facts included in the Flaviar Rum Tasting Pack that arrived the other day. Five different rums in small phials enough for several tasting samples…

That’s the idea behind Flaviar – order a tasting pack (or get one automatically via a subscription), gather a few friends together and have a tasting party. Each spirit pack includes tasting notes, trivia and background to the products and details of how to ‘taste’. If you find a sample you really enjoy you can then order a bottle.

Now I enjoy a rum or two and gin too as it happens. I’ve taken the plunge a couple of times on more esoteric bottles but without trying some of the more obscure bottles first one hesitates to splash out on a full bottle. It is slightly different taking the plunge on a bottle of £12 or £20 wine than it is for a rum or a gin costing £40 or more.

Flaviar tasting packs cover all the spirit groups – currently listed are Bourbon, Cognac, Gin, Whiskies of the World, Whisky Lowlands to Islay and so on. The current rum selection is different to the one sitting on my desk.

Flaviar - A new way to discover premium spirits from craft to big brands

Flaviar – A new way to discover premium spirits from craft to big brands

“This month we’ve got a Thrilla with Vanilla, a Rum-ble in the Bundle with 3 styles – 2 spiced rums, 2 dark rums and 1 tripled-aged rum. All from different regions. Now be a good pirate and rum with it. But carefully or you’ll end up in Davy Jones’ locker. Savvy mate? ARRR. aye aye Cap’n”

While obviously the purpose is to learn, sample and record some serious notes (and subsequently go on to purchase full bottles) I rather enjoy the light-heartidness of Flviar’s approach and the wide reaching selections they send out each month. Earlier this year there was a Hemmingway themed pack – two gins, an Absinthe, and two rums.

My rum pack contains Red Leg Spiced Rum “Initial vanilla notes, quickly subdued by spicy ginger and black pepper”, Dos Maderas PX 5 year old Rum “Aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and roasted fruit…”, Flor da Cana 18 year old Centenario “dry and spicy, with layers of cocoa, dark caramel and spice”, A.H. Riise Danish Navy Rum “a recreation of the old recipe and is a combination of up to 20 years old rum distillates…” and Gosling’s Family Reserve Rum “Sweet, heavy, tastes of wood, cherries, aged fruit and spice. Oily big molasses”

The best Flaviar subscription as I see it is the £24.99 recurring payment that gives one tasting pack per month. Individual tasting packs range in price from around £20 to £35. A fantastic way to try out a variety of different spirits and have fun with friends while you do so.

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