February 28, 2016

Garnier Grains Dores Chablis

By In Wine Notes
Just occasionally the jaded old palate, sagging under a relentless stream of ‘easy drinking’ mediocrity receives a much welcome hit of deliciousness. A wine that, on tasting, causes a “Wow!” moment and makes you realise just what makes wine so bloody fantastic. This £20 bottle of Chablis is one. The Domaine Garnier “Grains Dores” Chablis and its unassuming label may lack any of those prized designations – taking Premier Cru, Grand Cru and specific vineyards – but the wine inside offers all I look for in a bottle of Chablis.

There’s that steely core that keeps things so bright, fresh and juicy and a mouth-filling combination of flowery, apricot wonders in a rich style, all down to a little oak and stirring of the lees. (Dammit, I’m trying to remove wine making references to make these recommendations more welcoming to the non-geek, but there you have it, lees stirring adding complexity to the flavour. Its the only way to explain it.) It is not a ‘classic’ Chablis style but I adore the oak-led richness more so than the ‘pure ‘n lean’ style. I first encountered the Garnier Grains Dores back in July 2015 at a rather marvellous Chablis and Food event where it matched with a fancy scallop dish beautifully, but any shellfish and grilled fish type dish should work superbly too.

The 2013 vintage of Domaine Garnier Grains Dores is available from Sommiliers Choice for £20 a bottle.

Garnier Grains Dores Chablis 2012

.  Chablis Grains Dores 2012 - Domaine Garnier et Fils

. Chablis Grains Dores 2012 – Domaine Garnier et Fils

“We have chosen to create a cuvee as we felt it should be made. Going outside the boundaries of a classical vinification , this cuvee from the Côte de Charmoy terroir, has had 30 months of maturation before being bottled. Alternating between Barrels and tanks, the wine was lightly stirred in order to extract the best lees character. Domaine Garnier

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  1. Michelle @ Greedy Gourmet February 29, 2016

    Sounds like a delicious wine!

  2. Sally February 29, 2016

    Just the kind of wine I’d like to have in my glass right now.

  3. Meeta March 2, 2016

    Rich! Chablis is a favorite sort here! Love it

  4. I love your wine reviews and pictures. I want this bottle now!

    • wine scribbler March 14, 2016

      You will just have to move closer! Then you would have a chance of tasting all these too 🙂


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