May 9, 2016

Gousto Does Wine

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Gousto Does Wine” – News to me but apparently recipe box specialists Gousto have been offering wine since September last year.

I’ve seen the adverts for their recipe boxes all over the place recently and I have to admit to being tempted. And then they sent me a box. How nice is that?

Inside two different recipes with full ingredients for both, easy to follow printed instructions and, the best bit, two bottles of wine. Now as far as I can see the wine section is ‘hidden’, being part of their Gousto Market, a special area on the Gousto website for customers to add extras to their boxes that is only available to people who have ordered a box before. Both wines sent to me are priced at £6.95. What I was expecting though was a specific wine to match each of the dishes, which wasn’t the case. I see from the Gousto blog, Relish, that the ‘market’ offers things such as a pepper and salt mill set. The ‘market’ currently lists six wines in total.

I assume that with the available recipes changing each week selecting a new wine to accompany might be a logistical battle. But the Big Bombora Shiraz from Australia was a fruity new world match with the Double Chipotle Burger; you cant really go wrong with an Aussie red and a burger.

The Italian, Tavino Sangiovese Rubicone 2015, was very similar in style. Bigish and new worldly in style, a joy to drink but would I have put it down as an Italian wine? Probably not. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, don’t get me wrong, it is very approachable and I’m sure it will prove very popular. Its also 11.5% alcohol against the Big Bombora’s 13.5%. These things matter to some. Both wines, as I said, are listed at £6.95.

Gousto Does Wine

So two dishes – the Double Chipotle Burger with roasted potato chips and a chipotle mayo and Melty Blue Cheese Pork Steak with Pears, which also came with potatoes to make a side of oven roasted chips. Both were really easy to make, the instructions clear and precise, the timings spot on and the ingredients fresh. And both were delicious. The recipe cards also detail cooking time (40 minutes for the pork steaks and 35 minutes for the burgers) a handy guide in these time-tight times, the number of the 5-a-day portions in each dish and the calorie, fat and protean content in each. Again, important to many.

Gousto offer two options with their boxes. A 2-Person Box with two, three or four recipes (£27.95/£34.99/£41.99) and A Family Box again with two, three or four recipes (£41.99/£51.99/£59.99). I’ve never really worked out a ‘price per head’ in my usual weekly Ocado shop but for the 2 Person Box the cost per serving is £6.87, £5.83 and £5.25 for the two, three or four recipes. The more you buy the better the value and they seem quite reasonable to me.

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  1. Wow, these recipe delivering companies are really upping their game, aren’t they?

  2. Meeta June 15, 2016

    So good! You know my eye is on that burger – don’t you??


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