September 7, 2014

Hanging Wine Glasses

By In Photographs
Could have been taken anywhere – a row of glasses ready and, no doubt, terribly willing to be used. These glasses just happen to have been taken in the Bordeaux wine school (Ecole du Vin) in, obviously, Bordeaux. Or as the Americans would put it Bordeaux, France. I assume they have other Bordeaux’s. I only know the one.

A little careful study – see what I did there – of the reflection and you should be able to make out a few seated pupils. They – and me too – were about to participate in an aroma test. Little phials (pens in fact) of aromas one sniffs and tries to associate with a smell from Bordeaux wines. A fun little exercise that anyone can do if you book a visit.

Sunday Wine Shot: Hanging Wine Glasses

hanging glasses

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