January 15, 2017

Heading to that there Vinisud

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At the end of the month I’m Heading to that there Vinisud a large wine show in the South of France.

I’ve two full days to be immersed in the wines of, not only the South of France, but a broad selection from right across the Mediterranean. Countries as diverse as Turkey and Algeria and Spain and Italy are exhibiting. One has a feeling two days will just scratch the surface of what this major show will be offering.

As I was selected to attend by the organisers – quite an honour – for this 13th year of the show, much of my activity is pre-arranged. I don’t think I arrive in time for a little wine safari on the theme of “Wine tourism and rare grape varieties“, which is annoying to say the least as this just about encapsulates the focus of my interests (wonder if they could reschedule or run again once I’m there??). Later in the day I see I’m on a wander with the lovely Louise Hurren for “Outsiders Languedoc” which should be interesting… and then the following day its a hour or so cuddling up with my favourite grape variety “Garnacha“.

One area I do want to explore is the Wine Moasic; not least because there is an exhibition of ‘Mediterranean vineyard landscapes’ photographs by Clauds Cruells.

Heading to that there Vinisud

“This area showcases the rich diversity of the Mediterranean’s wine-growing, culinary and cultural heritage.
Wine Mosaic will present:
A tasting of “Unusual Mediterranean and Southern French grape varieties”
“Talk and Taste” sessions – winegrowers invite you to sample their wines produced from unusual grape varieties
Winegrowers’ oil tasting bar
Photographer Claude Cruells will exhibit his “Mediterranean vineyard landscapes”

I’m not the only special invitee. I’ll be joining writers from four other countries Luciano Pignataro from Italy, Stefan Schwytz (Germany), Alexandra Corvo (Brazil) and Ilona Thompson (USA) , Will be fascinating to read what such a diverse group makes of the wines and the show in general; both during and after.

“VINISUD is the showcase for the world’s leading wine region, the Mediterranean, which on its own accounts for more than 50% of world output. Each event brings together the majority of Mediterranean wine producers and professional buyers from every continent, thereby helping to open the Mediterranean up to new markets for wine. In 2016, 31,867 visitors and 1,707 exhibitors attended VINISUD: French producers from Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence, the Rhone Valley, South-West, Corsica, Producers from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria”

Vinisud 2017 is held in Montpellier on the 29th-31st January 2017.

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