October 29, 2014

Ilja Gort and Château la Tulipe de la Garde

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If you are not running down to Sainsbury’s with a crisp tenner flapping in your hand after seeing this video, I’ll be very surprised. With that magnificent beard this little chap – Ilja Gort – could be nothing but French! The attitude he imparts is engaging and unfussily Bordeaux, yet still he imparts something of that majesty and mystic that makes wine so entrancing. I’ve cheekily asked for a bottle – Château la Tulipe de la Garde 2011 – to be sent to me; can’t wait to try it.

Introducing Ilja Gort and Château la Tulipe de la Garde 2011

“it’s a very rich wine and it has won many, many medals…. don’t drink the wine too fast… relax, enjoy the wine, every sip of it.”

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  1. That’s just the kind of review we like to see, hopefully you’ll be running along to Sainsbury’s alongside your readers, but either way not one, but two bottles of our 2012 are already on their way to the address you gave us.

    PS: Gort is insistent that it is, in fact not a beard but a mustache, so you’re lucky he didn’t catch that

  2. Er… did you miss something Andrew? He’s Dutch…

    Brief review of the 2011 in the following article:



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