July 1, 2012

Judgement of Paris Mural

By In Photographs
The Judgement of Paris 1976 [wikipeida] as depicted on a huge wall mural at The Vineyard in Stockcross, Berkshire. My wide angle has distorted the painting somewhat. More importantly it has cut off George Taber on the far right. For the full image you will just have to head down to the refurbished Vineyard in Berkshire and ask nicely to view both the painting and the wine cellar.

The Judgement of Paris Mural – the latest in the regular Sunday Snapshots series highlighting photographs with a wine related theme, whether bottles, glasses, vineyards or the back scenes of wineries.

Judgement of Paris Mural, Vineyard

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  1. maria July 3, 2012

    looks horrendous to be honest

    • Andrew Barrow July 7, 2012

      oh do you think so? I rather like it. Wouldnt have it on my wall obviously, but as a focal point for a wine place I think it works.


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