November 25, 2012

Kavaklidere Vineyard

By In Photographs
One of the most remote regions I have travelled to recently – Cappadocia in Turkey. Safe to say a rather wild landscape and one with only three wine producers! From the balloon many small patches of bush vines were spotted, but these I assume are just for local consumption.

No scrubby little patch of vines at Kavaklodere; this one of the ‘three’ is a serious and substantial wine producer. Outside these large swathes of vines that surround the winery, the land returns to its wild, dusty nature.

Kavaklidere Vineyard – the latest in the regular Sunday Wine Snapshots series highlighting photographs with a wine related theme, whether bottles, glasses, vineyards or the back scenes of wineries.

Vineyard, Kavaklidere, Cappadocia

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  1. Will Young April 23, 2013

    What an amazing photo. Keep them coming! Looks so atmospheric and wild. What was the wine like?


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