August 27, 2017

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes

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First person to mention the number of shopping days remaining until Christmas gets a slap! It is still summer here. A Bank Holiday weekend and the sun is out! Tropical cocktails all the way with Koko Kanu Coconut Rum Liqueur centre stage.

I’ve just been sent a sample bottle of this coconut flavoured rum; it packs a higher percentage of alcohol than the other major brands and makes for a cleaner, fresher, drink. Lovely simply served over ice, you could add a big splash of cola if you are so inclined but Koko Kanu really comes into its own as a base for some tropical cocktails.

“Koko Kanu’s carefree soul, with a subtle blend of the finest Jamaican Rum and Coconut flavour, makes it the perfect mixer for a Koko Kolada!”

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes: Koko Colada

40ml white run
40ml Koko Kanu
40ml pineapple juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Decorate with a grating of nutmeg.

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes: Koko Colada

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes: Monkey Shine

60ml white rum
30ml Koko Kanu
30ml pineapple juice

A variation on the Koko Colada but sporting a natty cinnamon-sugar rim decoration.

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes: Monkey Shine

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes: Hawaiian

15ml Triple Sec
15ml white rum
60ml Koko Kanu
45ml fresh orange juice
45ml fresh pineapple juice
30ml fresh lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
30ml cream of coconut

Pour all ingredients into a blender along with two large scoops of crushed ice. Blend and serve decorated with pineapple and cherries.

Koko Kanu Cocktail Recipes: Hawaiian

The label on each bottle of Koko Kanu features two of Jamaica’s national symbols – the Doctor humming bird and the Lignum Vitae flower. Koko Kanu is available from Masters of Malt (£19.54) and Amazon (£16).

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