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LRWWA_2013_ArtistryI might have let out an embarrassing yelp on the train up to London yesterday. To fill the journey I was scanning through my twitter feed and a tweet by Robert Joseph popped up mentioning The Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards 2014 Shortlist. The yelp was justified, perhaps, as I saw my name on the very top of the list. It would appear I’ve been shortlisted for the Artistry of Wine Award; which is rather nice.

I had totally forgotten I had even entered and it took a while to re-discover which images I had put forward. But here they are in all their black and white (bar one) glory. To be honest I don’t stand an earthly on winning, not when up against such fantastic people shots by Matt Wilson or the atmospheric Labours au Clos Vougeot by Thierry Gaudillière… (see the Joseph Report). Interestingly all four photos were taken during the Circle of Wine Writers trip to Sicily.

The Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards 2014 Shortlist

On Tuesday 15th July the Roederer Awards judging panel met at the Maisons Marques et Domaines headquarters in London to determine the shortlists of the entries in the tenth annual the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards.

The event brought together the five judges – four in person and one via Skype from Portugal –strengthening the international credentials of the competition. After extensive and thought-provoking debate, the judges reached their decisions, naming the shortlisted entries for the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards 2014.

Charles Metcalfe, Chairman of the judges, commented: “We have had many more entries this year than ever before. And the standard is higher than ever. Deciding on the winners of several categories was a very difficult process!”
“The awards revealed why some of the best-known wine writers have earned the reputations they enjoy. On the other hand, they also brought some exciting new names to our attention. I particularly appreciated the international nature of the entries and enjoyed seeing high quality writers and photographers from countries such as the US and Australia.
“Wine writing today is a very competitive environment; the Roederer Awards helps to sort the wheat from the chaff”, added Robert Joseph, one of the judges.
An invitation-only Awards Ceremony will be taking place to announce the winners at the Royal Academy of Arts in London on Tuesday 9th September 2014.


  1. Congratulations Andrew! Lovely pictures I hope you win. R

  2. Jon Wyand says:

    Hi Andrew,
    good to see your shortlisted pics. Now I understand how I missed out this year ! Good luck and I look forward to seeing you at the awards.

    • thank you – I really don’t stand an earthly. Just seeing if I can make the awards… maybe I’ll get there.

      • Jon Wyand says:

        Judging is a strange business, we know that, best just to go intent on a good evening. I’m wondering if Clay will come, I’d like to meet him, Matt too but I doubt he’ll come from Chile without a nod from Roederer and they don’t do that.
        Just being shortlisted IS something. I tried for emerging wine writer ( the cheek of the man !) but was not good enough even to make a fourth on the list. Humbling, I shall keep to what I know !

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