November 26, 2011

Mas Amiel 2008 Vin Doux Natural

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Mas Amiel 2008 Maury

What do I know about Maury? Well, it’s a Vin Doux Natural – meaning it’s a sweet wine where the fermentation is halted leaving a little sugar and thus sweetness in the final product. A Maury is invariably made from Grenache from a little corner of Roussillon, to the north west of Perpignan.

This particular sample, Mas Amiel Vintage 2008, [Adegga / Snooth] was sent by The Perfect Cellar, a new internet provider of bottled alcoholic liquids! Retail price for this bottle is £18.99.

View this Maury as akin to a port, only a touch lighter in style. Still deep with blackberry laced flavours plus an edge of dark chocolate and a scattering of squished red fruits. Smooth. Warming. Alcohol 16%.

The Vins Doux Naturals of Mas Amiel have long been acclaimed for their quality. Their entry in The Wine Opus states the estate is “recognized as the leading producer in the region”. Can’t get a better recommendation, one thinks! The wines of Maury are also acclaimed, when paired with chocolate based dishes, as an ‘awesome combination’. As it transpired the Mas Amiel Maury was rather scrumptious with one or two of my frangipane and chocolate tarts.

The retailers website gives a little further info…

“Mas Amiel is the largest and most important producer in Maury. Located in the heart of Cathar country, just below the ruined castle of Queribus, it was founded in 1816 when Raymond Amiel won the deeds from the Bishop of Perignas in a game of cards.”

Chocolate Frangipane Tarts

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  1. Brett November 26, 2011

    There’s something about Maury! It is special and can imagine how well it went with your tarts.


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