December 6, 2011

Maynard’s Port

By In Wine Notes
Port – it’s a winter thing aint it? Like many I’ve sipped on white port cocktails in the spring and drunk chilled, fruity, LBV’s through a straw in the height of the summer. But for us chilled northern hemisphere folk it is the depths of winter when a warming glass of port really comes into its own. It is also a failsafe Christmas gift – how else to explain the profusion of gift packs in John Lewis, the special offers in all the supermarkets and the half bottles slid into those wicker encased food hampers?

Available from Aldi from now until “stocks last” are two ports from Maynard’s “Fine Ports Back to 1652” – an aged tawny and an LBV, which I find ‘rather palatable’ (in that annoying under-stated manner that perplexes most non-English people).

Maynards Port is a ‘revival’ of a Port name, the company only launched the brand in 2010. It is a tribute to a Walter Maynard one of the first English chaps to be “involved in the commercialisation of Port” back in 1652, long before the founding of all those port wine companies with British connections and British names. The company launched with a clear objective: “to stand for prestige and quality and to be known as a premium producer”.

I’m rather taken with the Maynard 10 Year Old Tawny [Adegga / Snooth] it’s amber hue and raisiny, spirity palate stands in nice contrast to the Maynard 2007 Late Bottle Vintage [Adegga / Snooth] with a fuller palate, rich with ripe black fruit flavours and more than a hint of spice and pepper. The dying sun of a winter’s afternoon doesn’t highlight the colour differences in the wines in the two photographs below, I am afraid.

Both these ports are in Aldi – the Maynard’s 10 Year Old Tawny is available for £9.99; the Maynard’s LBV is £8.99. In contrast Tesco is listing Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny at £14.45 on its website and Grahams LBV at £9.25.

It’s winter, innit. Port is required drinking!

Maynard's 10 Year Old Tawny

Maynard's LBV Port

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  1. Mike June 14, 2014

    Just searched for info on Maynard’s port, having never heard of it before. Tried the 20 year old tawny at £14.99 at Aldi’s (50 cl bottle in gift box) and wow, a really smooth, nutty and yes I agree with you, a raisony flavour which lingers long in the mouth. A great find!

  2. Richie November 21, 2014

    Bought a bottle of Maynards 30 year old Tawny port from Aldi, probably one of the nicest ports I have had in a long time, seems a bit pricey at £29.99 but once tasted then you forget about the price, comes in a very nice decanter which is good enough to keep and use over and over again, 10 out of 10, great when a little gem pops out every now and again

  3. Allard July 8, 2015

    I always have dow or kopke, but this maynard beats them all. I had THE 20year old one and iT is heavenly

  4. DAWN PRESCOTT April 4, 2017

    Only available at Christmas apparently from Aldi, so where can i buy it ??


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