February 21, 2007

Men ‘Pretend To be Wine Buffs To Impress’

By Andrew Barrow In Articles
Now I participate in the YouGov polls quite regularly but didn’t see the survey that this report is based on where one-in-four men try to impress friends or dates by pretending to be wine buffs. What is also startling is that the poll found many are intimidated by the ‘ceremony’ (is there one – you are given a list, you pick a wine??) of ordering wine, with 31 per cent put off by extensive restaurant wine lists and a quarter saying they felt uncomfortable tasting the wine when it was brought to the table. Perhaps the latter is down to feeling uncomfortable in tasting in front of others?


The YouGov poll of 2,396 adults revealed more than two-thirds of people (69 per cent) do not feel they know enough about wine although many attempting to disguise their ignorance by pretending to be experts.
Men are the biggest bluffers with 22 per cent embellishing their expertise to try and impress compared to just 11 per cent of women. Among men aged 18 to 29, 27 per cent admitted bluffing about wine in a bid to impress friends or dates.”

  1. mitchenall February 22, 2007

    With so many of these “blaggers’ guide” type books on the market, you can see there is definitely a market for these guys who’d prefer to bluff it, or just spend too much on mediocre wine.
    Personally, I prefer to be one of the ones who feel slightly uncomfortable about choosing a wine, especially when there is nothing on the list I’m particularly familiar with, and especially knowing the mark-ups many restaurants put on stuff which is often fairly shoddy.

  2. John Hart February 27, 2007

    The only ceremony that intimidates me is the paying of the extortionate drinks bill!


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