October 7, 2012

Naked Wines Argentina Tasting

By In Photographs
An interesting idea – get a bunch of your best customers down to a tasting to root out their favourite wine; then list it. The tastings are blind with a broad range of consumer palates and expertise in wine tasting the result is bound to be a ‘crowd pleaser’. As it was the winner at the Argentina session was a Malbec, not in my favourite list, for I was one of the tasters, but it received the highest number of votes.

The winning wine was Huarpe Wines, Taymente Malbec 2010; sadly now sold out.

I also attended as ‘official photographer’; this is one of my favourite shots of the day.

Naked Wines Argentina Tasting – the latest in the regular Sunday Wine Snapshots series highlighting photographs with a wine related theme, whether bottles, glasses, vineyards or the back scenes of wineries.

Naked Wines Argentina Tasting

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  1. Callum Pragnell October 15, 2012

    Interesting piece. If you are looking for a wine tasting experience then it is worth looking around and doing research on what places have the widest and best selection of wines. Some places can lack variety and not have the range of wine that you would want to try.


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