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Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon

I am truly rubbish. Absolutely useless in fact. Not at everything, but in the simple task of keeping my wine notes in order.

Not a great crime you would have thought but coupled with a really abysmal memory and disaster befalls my blog-writing regular-like. Coupled with an hereditary inability to ever find anything - before, after or during regular 'tidying up ' sessions and you may wonder how I struggle under the weight of shame and guilt to lift head-from-pillow every morning.

I've just discovered a rather well written intro to a blog post, scribbled on the back of a brown envelope. The witty and, dare I suggest, sophisticated missive references two superb sounding wines (one from Argentina, the other South African) but sadly fails to mention any specifics - like name or grape variety. The crumpled edge of the envelope has a paper clip attached... I am wondering where said 'attachment' is though...

I have attempted everything to become more organised. From designing and printing tasting note sheets and clipping them to a Muji clipboard (that could only hold 10) to using variously sized notebooks which were either too small or two cumbersome to manage at tastings. I had an eleastic band looped round one, quite well used, suitably sized, note book which held everything of import written for Spittoon over a period of several months. And then lost the book.

I even confused the 'bottles for photographing box' with the 'empties for recycling box' and now have a stack of picture-less wines to grace my graphic heavy website. Poor show indeed.

Bottles are currently lined up on a secondary table, 12 in number and all awaiting a write up on Spittoon. I have the notes and several references to the food match. But can I recall what half the foods were? Can I buggery. An attempt to match stored photos of food with each wine has just wasted a fruitless hour with three possibles and two no-shows. Some were sampled several months back; and as I can't even recall what I had for dinner last Thursday recollections from the dim and distant are simply hopeless.

The problem is exasperated by the sheer number of samples I have to write-up. In addition to the 12 there are four more empties downstairs and two whites in the fridge.

My wine tasting note hieroglyphics in use at trade tastings convert just weeks after the event into ancient Sumerian cuneiform of a type that even Mr I Jones would decree to be indecipherable (and they made so much sense on the train journey home!)

My new years resolution is, therefore, to become more organised, to write complete notes at the time of tasting and not relying on a 'yep, I'll remember that when I come to complete the write-up'. I resolve therefore to only have two 'to report' bottles waiting at anyone time and not to broach any further bottles until they have reached the pages of Spittoon. I'm sure I resolved something very similar last year... only I can't remember back that far.

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..."ancient Sumerian cuneiform of a type that even Mr I Jones would decree to be indecipherable"... And even this Mr B Jones would have difficulty!
I too have notebooks full of ssquiggles and numbers. Trouble is the last thing one wants to do after a tasting is to rewrite everything but that, of course, is when notes should be completed.
Thanks for this resolution which I will try to keep too.

excellent lesson and resolution - but it is VERY hard to change a habit like that one, so I wish you all the best.

I am absolutely awful at keeping notes, and I too must really get back into it. If you come up with a system, please let us know


Happy 2009

Have you ever considered doing an audio recording as you go along? You'll be able hit the replay button anytime - just a suggestion but then you'd probably have heaps of unlistened-to recordings to add to the clutter:-)
Good luck with the organizing and Happy New Year!

9 times out of 10, I taste wines in my own house, so I immediately fire up the laptop and take my notes directly into a new blog post that I save in draft form to write up later.

I find this helps me in several ways. I don't lose scraps of paper with notes on them, it marks the date I made the draft, so I can then easily match the photos with the post since the date is recorded on the photos as well, and I don't have to attempt to decipher my increasingly terrible handwriting (chicken scratch).

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