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Having a hearty penchant for such desserts rather surprised I haven’t attempted to make a Torta Della Nonna myself. It’s a traditional Tuscan dessert that combines pastry, a light custard filling and toasted pine nuts where everyone’s Nonna makes a variation.

A rather splendid version was served at a little Chelsea-based Italian restaurant and accompanied the Nino Franco Cartizze Prosecco sublimely. Has to be one of the most perfect food/wine matches I’ve enjoyed. The steep Cartizze hill produces the ‘cru’ wines of Prosecco. Generally these are made with a higher sweetness and therefore perfect with lighter desserts. I have a feeling my Italian Carrot Cake would also make a sublime accompaniment.

Nino Franco Cartizze Prosecco is this weeks Sunday Wine Shot.

Nino Franco Cartizze Prosecco

Nino Franco Cartizze Prosecco

Torta Della Nonna

Torta Della Nonna


  1. And thank you for this too.
    Have you ever visited the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG area? And the Cartizze hill?
    Just let me know whenever you wish to have a tour around. It really worth… ;-)

    • I have indeed visited Valdobbiadene and the Cartizze Hill although the weather wasn’t that good at the time. It was also several years ago now so a return visit is way over due!

  2. Aaah – the lovely Nino Franco! I’ve only had the Rustico and can’t wait to try the Cartizze. Nice shot…

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