November 3, 2012

Oddbins Bloggers Case: Competition

By Andrew Barrow In Articles
oddbins bloggers caseI know… I know… the news is pants-wettingly exciting. The blogging collective six have re-convened and selected a magical set of six wines just for the winter. Again from Oddbins, the set of wines, following on from the initial set of 12 which are still available, are going to be offered at a special price, I believe.

A quick check of the Oddbins website shows the case isn’t yet available; probably too busy changing their pants…

Even more exciting, perhaps, is the chance of winning a bottle each of the six wines! I know… I know… how can you possibly contain the excitement!

Head on over to the new Odd Wine Moment Facebook page and upload a photo of your oddest wine moment – have you opened a bottle of Chevel Blanc while a-top a Camel? How about sipping from a carafe of Blossom Hill Rosé while scaling down the side of Mount Rushmore? A glass of Prosecco while clinging to the side of the 8:43 Delhi to Agra Express? Or nicking grandmas’ sherry from a straw while sitting on her knee…

Upload your Oddest Wine Moment Photograph for the Oddbins Bloggers Case: Competition.

It is not one of the wines in our Oddbins Case but do grab a bottle of a special Chateauneuf-du-Pape now available from Oddbins (£19). The chain has linked up with the charity War Child and will donate, for every bottle sold, £1 to this most worthy cause.

For every bottle of the limited edition bottle that is sold, Oddbins will donate £1 to the charity, whose invaluable work changes lives and offers hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable children who are suffering because of war.

War Child gives aid to former child soldiers, children living on the streets, children in prison and young girls at risk of rape or violence by offering them protection and education so that they can build sustainable livelihoods.

To put the £1 donation into perspective, 71p can send a child in the Central African Republic to school for a year, War Child’s programmes can be run for 22p per child per day and 1.4 billion of the world’s people live on less than £1 per day.

Limited Edition Chateauneuf-du-Pape

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