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How would you react given free-run in a wine shop? Able to sample anything and everything on the shelves (with a price limit admittedly) to compare and contrast and to debate and argue your choices with other like-minded people…

And there we were six, of the UK’s top wine bloggers in one of Oddbins top stores, tasting and debating away for a whole afternoon. Our final choices were to be placed inside a special Oddbins Bloggers Case, a mix of wines to be offered at a very advantageous price (£98 as it transpired, with free delivery).

How did I react? With dignity and aplomb, obviously, not like a kid let loose in a sweet shop, no siree bob!

As Paola writes on her blog:

There were some rules (set by us, not Oddbins). The average price of each bottle had to be under £10. We all had to choose a red and a white. And we all had to be happy to drink each other’s wines and recommend them to friends – even if our palates and personal preferences differed.

Oddbins Blogger Case - selecting the wines

We were limited by price and having to ‘sell’ our two choices to the other bloggers the end result I think is a grand mix of wines. My choices, eventually, came down to a decent, ‘everyday’ drinker for the white – something not too intimidating, not too in-yer-face, something to drink on its own or be an easy partner with food and a red just a little bit different – a wine that will perhaps introduce the wine novice to something new and a touch different.

The case is aimed at those wine explorers, more than the novice, although of course anyone is welcome to try our selection – and more importantly, provide some feedback! The resurgent Oddbins is keen to embrace the online social scene, which of course means communication and feedback. Us bloggers are keen to hear what people think of our selection too. This is a unique first. No other wine retailer has teamed up with a disparate group of wine bloggers to create such a case. I do think our aim to create a case of diverse and delicious wines has been fulfilled.

We have plenty of ideas for the coming months to demonstrate the value, the food-friendliness, the versatility and deliciousness of our selection.

The Oddbins Wine Bloggers Case is available now for £98 including delivery.

The wines are:

The Oddbins Bloggers Case White Wine Selection

  1. Casa Lluch Verdil 2010, Valencia, Spain
  2. Raimat Abadia White 2010, Costers del Segre, Spain
  3. Sal’mon Groovey Grüner Veltliner 2010, Kremstal, Austria
  4. Domaine la Condamine L’Evêque Viognier 2010, Côtes de Thongue, France
  5. Stone Rock Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Bordeaux, France
  6. Porter Mill Station Chenin Blanc 2011, Svartland, South Africa

The Oddbins Bloggers Case Red Wine Choices

  1. Domaine de l’ Arnesque 2009, Côtes du Rhône, France
  2. Alma de Tinto Mencia 2010, Galacia, Spain
  3. Henry Fessy Morgon 2009, Cru du Beaujolais, France
  4. Chateau Haute Galine 2009, Minervois, France
  5. Terre di Sava, 10 Nero Salice Salentino 2010, Puglia, Italy
  6. Fully Loaded Grenache-Shiraz 2008, McClaren Vale, Australia

The other bloggers (and their views on the Oddbins Bloggers Case) are:

The Oddbins Wine Bloggers

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