September 1, 2013

Our Olive Oil

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A slightly different Sunday Wine Spot photo – for one it certainly isn’t wine. Several years ago Penny Hale and her husband Martin upped-sticks from South Oxfordshire and followed a dream. They re-settled in rural Spain; an idyllic location complete with olive groves and, as you would, set about selling their own olive oil.

You may think that such a radical move would be tough and hazardous; but no.

“We moved to Catalunya six years ago and have been restoring a run down olive farm and building a house in the nearby village ever since. This year’s olive crop has given us our first commercial batch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and we are very proud of it and have had some excellent and favourable feedback. We also find time to enjoy many of the local wines from the Terra Alta and Penedes regions so life is pretty good…”

You can buy a bottle of Our Olive Oil (£14.95 through a UK distributor) via the wonders of the interweb…

“Our Olive Oil is cultivated from olives grown in our own groves, then collected and sold by ourselves. Only the processing and bottling are managed by a professional co-operative. This ensures that you can be confident that you are buying from a single source supplier whose sole aim is to provide the best quality product on the market.

This year’s harvest has produced an extremely high quality Extra Virgin olive oil. With an very low acidity of 0.3%, which is well below the upper limit (0.8%) for Extra Virgin olive oil. All the olives were hand collected onto nets, ensuring they were pressed whilst in prime condition. The fresh green flavour with light peppery finish, derives from the three varieties of tree grow in our land, Morut (Moruda), Sevillianca and Farga and early harvesting of their olives.”

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