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We arrived late; not conducive to a relaxed tasting especially when everyone else is slurping on the dessert muscat and are well settled into the whole event. Traffic held us up. But forging on we managed to slurp and spit our way through a while gamut of superb wines, even if the notes taken were not hugely in-depth.
Hosted by Pic Wines (for more info on this company see UKWOL) the samples on offer were all from the Languedoc. I was so impressed, by the reds in particular, that I have ordered a mixed case – can’t give a better recommendation than that! (Those ordered marked with a *)
So brief notes below, with promise of fuller details on the producers and wines once the order arrives.
White Wine Domaine Piccinini Clos l’Angely, 2004, Minervois, France.*
A blend of Grenache Blanc 60%, Rousanne 30%, Muscat 10% so something interesting and ‘different’ – very Alsace Pinot Gris-like in its weight and spice, delicious. Spicy, nutty, full.
White WineAimery Sieur d’Arques Haute Vallée, 2002, Limoux, France.
Chardonnay all the way here; nice enough but didn’t really ‘tickle my fancy’. Oaky with a nutty/bitter twist on the finish.
red wineMas Domergue Font d’Armand, 2003, Coteaux du Languedoc, France.
The first of the reds and a great opener. A blend of 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache. Smooth, great depth to the fruit.
red wineDomaine des Crès Richards Les Hauts de Millési, 2004, Coteaux du Languedoc, France.
Described by another taster as an ‘old’ style French red – meaning much drier in fruit and heavier on the tannins, good aroma though. Would be good with food.
red wineDomaine Piccinini Line et Laetitia, 2003, Minervois, France.*
A blend of Syrah (40%), Grenache (20%) Mouvedre (40%) another addition to the ‘buy list’. Rounded, smooth, blackcurrants, concentrated but balanced.
red wineMas Bruguiere La Grenadière, 2004, Pic St Loup, France.*
More Syrah here (60%) than the last wine, Mourvedre 20% and Grenache 20% making up the remainder. Beautiful aroma, deep, complex, mirrored on the palate. Superb, long lasting, delicious flavours.
red wineDomaine Piccinini Teralbo Ouest, 2001, Coteaux du Languedoc, France.*
Syrah 70%, Carignan 20%, Cinsault 10%. Soft and smooth, “gorgeous”, silky. Length not quite as impressive as the previous wine and the finish is drier but no less impressive for that.
red wineMas Thélème Exultet, 2003, Pic St Loup, France. *
Syrah 60%, Grenache 30%, Cinsault 10%. Powerful, rounded, lick of licorice and herbs, plentiful tannins on the rich finish.
red wineAntonin et Louis, 2003, Mas de la Seranne, France.*
Syrah 40%, Mourvedre 27%, Grenache 23%. Violets adds to the complexity of the deep fruit nose. Another big wine and again smooth, rich and concentrated.
dessert wineChâteau de la Peyrade Sol Invictus, 2005, Muscat, France.
‘Something I would drink while ironing’ said the lady to my left. Indeed the sweetness makes this highly drinkable, super pure-Muscat aroma but at a shade under a tenner is it really something you would knock back while flattening shirt-cuffs?

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  1. John says:

    Their wines do seem to be of consistently good and interesting quality – and a quick check on prices suggests that they are on a par with more traditional operators

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