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It’s pretty much a given that wine in general and wine retailing specifically has not really grasped the ‘social media’ aspects of the internet. Despite all the discussions and interest there seems surprisingly little in terms of innovation or attempts to ‘harness’ the oft talked about potential. The ‘traditional marketing channels’ lack the engagement that social media can provide – instant feedback both praiseworthy and negative that not all enjoy or appreciate.

Guy Anderson Wines has dipped into the arena with the release of the Piggy Bank wine range. And the social media connection? Each bottle sold sees 50p donated to charity.

“When our Piggy Bank is full, it holds £10,000, we will distribute the funds proportionally between the charities according to the votes of consumers.

“Piggy Bank is different to other ‘virtual’ campaigns because we are inviting people to not only spread the word about our fantastic wines, but also enabling them to support good causes that mean something to them personally.”

Piggy Bank Wines Triptych

There are six wines in the Piggy Bank wine range, all available now from Waitrose and Ocado, and all listed at £7.99. Tesco will be taking the Tempranillo only in September.

Customers vote for their preferred good cause on their mobile via an app or at the Piggy Bank facebook page. By becoming a fan you can read more about the wines and winemakers. Extra donations and suggestions for the next set of charities to be supported can also be made.

At the moment the charities are

  • Backup – “transforming lives after spinal chord injury”
  • JDRF – funds research into Type 1 Diabetes
  • Tusk – supporting conservation and community development initiatives across Africa, using wildlife conservation as a tool to alleviate poverty, improve education and reduce conflict. [My choice as it happens]

From the range the wines I’ve sampled (plus, and showing my full social media credentials here, notes sent to WineDemon!) are –

Piggy Bank Grenache Syrah Rosé, 2011, Vin de Pays d’Oc, France [Adegga / Snooth / WineDemon] “Strawberry and fresh currant flavours. Medium weight, decent long lasting flavours.”

Piggy Bank Verdejo, 2011, Castilla y Leon, Spain [Adegga / Snooth / WineDemon] “Light aroma with gentle lime and orange pith flavours. Apple and a tinge of orange on the palate, some weight. Lighter dishes including seafood a must!”

Piggy Bank Syrah, 2010, Elqui Valley, Chile [Adegga / Snooth / WineDemon] “Jolly decent spicy rose-hip and black fruit nose. Generous fruity palate a little liveliness and peppery spicy finish”

Piggy Bank Grenache, 2011, [Adegga / Snooth / WineDemon] “Lovely easy drinking wine with a lovely opening sweetness, dark berry fruits and a medium to full bodied mouthful. Damn decent. Gentle finish”

piggy bank grenache

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